Huge Dissapointment, Cannot download 61.2GB!

The game is literally the best and i really enjoyed playing until Spitah DLC came out!
My fist attempt to download the whole DLC i got it to 54.4 from 61, i have a low bandwidth up to 1Mb if i get full network signal but generally up to 560-600Kb/s
And I don’t have a free internet connection, IT’S PAID!!! YES, JUST LIKE I PAID for Spitah that i cannot play nor download!!!
My Internet promotion costs me 9.99€ each 50Gb Volume, i had to request another 50Gb only to download 54Gb and steam could restart the whole download!!!
Funcom, we don’t make money with the hammer!
We don’t always have the opportunity to find a WORKAROUND Just because your DLC, REGARDLESS IF WE OWN IT OR NOT, we need to download it!
Steam support staff told me that there’s no way they can stop an update release so it can be stopped in the download queue of the game!!!
In other words, we cannot get the whole DLC download while updates get released so often!

Yesterday i managed to dowload 10gb out of 61.2Gb, today, steam restarted the download of a new update !

Is there a solution to this update so i can download it without restarting Over and Over again ?!!?!?!?!?!?

Get unlimited internet data for a month? How did you install the game when you bought it? The initial download is also very big.

May be take your computer with you and go to a friend home with adsl or fiber connexion to update.

This sounds like a possibly Steam issue, exacerbated or caused by the rather terrible Internet package you have (which you might not have much choice in, of course).

I’ve never had a download restart as far as I know, but then I’m on a rock-solid fiber connection (thank you “public fund for distributing high-speed internet to sparsely populated areas”!)

Not everyone can get an internet promotion for an unlimited time here unfortunately, you did read my thread i suppose, when i first bought this game it was way back in Nov 2018 when i assambled my new rig, i wasn’t in italy and i had unlimited internet each month. so i downloaded the game that time.

i would like to opt this solution if my game wasn’t in my desktop…
it pains me that developers don’t care much about their customers or found an initial solution…
An alternative way is to make a backup of the game from my desktop and install it on my laptop… and wander around the city?! DAMN YOU FUNCOM

I’d blame the ISP. 50GB isn’t much these days.

In fact, IMO data caps in general are a pretty scummy idea to begin with. No, you can’t “use up” all the bandwidth. That’s not how it works. And the cost for day to day maintaining speeds is measured in pennies. It’s literally just remembering to not unplug the power cord. If the ISP is having bandwidth issues in an area, it means that they oversold in that area for what they are able to provide. Some executive or marketing guy overheard an engineer talking about how shared bandwidth works and decided that it means they can just keep putting people ad infinitum on a 50Mbit pipe.

I understand your frustrations andrey0085. :grinning: As I have outlined numerous times on the forum, I live in a country where unlimited data is far from a given. For us unlimited data is expensive, and internet service is often unreliable. We also have to fork out for line rental fees, and it is not uncommon for unlimited data plans to also require a lock-in contract. Add all of this up and it translates in to one big expensive, inconvenient exercise in frustration. So for me internet at home is just Hotspot on my mobile (cellular) phone. While this is good enough for syncing up trophies, and downloading pre-orders and smaller DLCs, it just isnt sufficient for large updates and expansions such as the Isle of Siptah.

My advice to you andrey0085 is to do what I do. Take it in to your local PC repair guy early in the morning, get him to hook it up to his connection and leave it there to download throughout the day. I have had 2 different guys who were more than willing to do this for very nominal fee, and its usually good to go by the end of the day. Maybe even earlier when we consider that many such repair guys have, in my experiences, some of the best internet setups in town. Hope this helps.


thank you Croms, yes, you are right, since the game though is on my desktop i neet to transfer it the way it is via steam backup to my laptop and then, yea… finding a pc repair guys and explain them what’s up, with some burrocracy under the hand as in these days things work i might get it done in one day…
i reached 1MB/s the highest possible, i will let it download over the night and will try to let the PC on…

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i am at 99% of the dowload, 59,7Gb/60.0Gb with an average speed of 550kb-1.6mb in these 2 days and 10h that i left the PC running

It’s really sad when you need to come up with solutions after dev and companies didn’t took any apropriate actions and come up with solutions to avoid these issues in the future, no sir! it’s all i can think of that they are only thinking about money!!!

take a close look at how many staff members works in this company!
I’ve sent them an e-mail 5 days ago reguarding the issue in this thread, still i got no answer from them since.

To everyone that knows burrocracy and the value of hard working money, avoid these companies at ALL COSTS, preferably to be cautious once than to be sorry later.

Your issues have nothing to do with FunCom or their Chinese parent company. You are downloading from Steam.

There are a million things that can affect your download. The only thing FunCom could do is compress the data further to make the package smaller but I am pretty sure they can’t compress it any further.

Edit: Oh and btw, on the store page the minimum requirement is Broadband internet. 560-600Kb/s is not exactly broadband is it?


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