I’ve downloaded this GAME THREE ■■■■■■■■ TIMES. It will finish, then the Steam download bar will slowly reach to top after it’s done downloading, then the download will reset completely fcking over. I’m so fcking tired of this sht. I’m about to refund this stupid fcking game. For an entire week I’ve downloaded this game 3 times and it keeps FCKING RESTARTING. WHY. THE. FCK. In SteamApps > Downloading the FCKING FOLDER HOLDING THE CONAN DOWNLOAD IS 70 GIGABYTES BIG. WHY THE FCK IS IT DOWNLOADING 40 MORE F*CKING GIGS. This is INFURIATING.

Much, much, much more likely to be an issue with your machine, or with Steam, than with the game. The game doesn’t control the download, that is what Steam is doing. I’d contact them about it, or figure out what is going on with your computer.

It’s a 70GB game, give or take depending on the DLC’s. But if the download is resetting that isn’t on the game.

Start with clearing the Steam download cache in the Steam settings.


I cleared the Steam cache. I followed a guide that instructed me to put the game from downloading to the actual game directory, delete manifest, the .patch and the downloading folder after pasting it from downloading to its respective directory.

It discovers the files and then puts me all the way back to 22.6GB, deleting half the entire game. I’m downloading the game for the third time.

I built my PC from ground up; it works just fine. I downloaded GTA V and Beam.NG before I started downloading Conan and they work fine.

It says it’s 67.5 GB. Which, if you convert it, 69210 / 1024… That’s how big the game actually is.
But no, it deleted half the game to start over(for the third time). Now it’s downloading again on Steam from 22.6GB.

I would post the picture but I am a new user so I can’t. I was going to link to imgur picture but I’m new user so I can’t do that as well… Very minor inconvenience but it’s making me want to refund this game even more

I’d have to agree that the issue is not with Conan. The downloads are all handled by Steam as the other poster said, and at the point that you are downloading the file to your hard drive no part of the Conan game is even running – it’s not even installing yet.

There may be 1,000 things that might want to make you refund that are the fault of the game or some bug with it, but this is not one of them. . .

Though I must say that I mean that jokingly (about refunding), because the game really is fantastic.

If I can’t play the game then I don’t want it. I’ve downloaded Resident Evil 2, Homebrew, Beam.NG, Subnautica, GTA V, and countless other games before downloading Conan. It’s the only one giving me issues.

To further hone my point, I downloaded a game I to see if I can’t play(albiet very small and cannot provide proof), tonight, but alas… it works just fine as well.

I know it’s Steam and not Conan but this is ridiculous. I’ve followed several guides to repair it and it just keeps restarting. Why is every other game downloading and installing just fine except this one? It’s just ■■■■■■■ me off and I really do not want to play the game that badly…

It doesnt matter what you have downloaded. What matters is the issues steam or your connection has with this game. At which point, referencing what has worked and if your rig is just fine is kinda neither here nor there. Your rig might be perfect, Steam and connection are external factors you cannot control. Contact steam, see what is what.

I think it might actually be a connection issue. As in, not particularly Steams’ fault either (even though I have had many issues with steam on many games). It could simply be that your connection, with regards to steam and with regards to steams connection to the fun-com servers all add up to a very frustrating situation.

I’m not sure if there is a steam database that the developers upload their files to, or if steam just connects to their servers. I lean over to the second option. It makes the most sense. At which point, it could explain why some games worked, some didn’t.

See what steam says about the issue (if they reply, they are not known for their “great” customer service tbh)

It’s most likely my 100kb/s speeds because rural sacrifice. I don’t know, it’s excruciating downloading this slow, finishing GTA V was a feat. My ISP is garbage. I’m going to see if it’ll download this time, if not… I’ll just have to find someone to spare me 45GB worth of bandwidth :confused:

Oh, internet speed not good? :open_mouth: yeah that can be a pain in the behind… Strange though, steam is usually good for keeping downloaded files :thinking:

I had such issues more with say things like the old Bethesda launcher. I was on a really crap speed. 17gb download for Quake. I could never go past 12gb it would time out then id lose the downloaded progress. I ended up giving up and trying again after a month when they fixed it.

Do see what Steam responds. It should not have any issues chaching what is downloaded. Maybe its some silly option that we don’t know about that as default is set wrong.

If you’re on a slower connection I would go in the Steam settings and limit the download speed to something like 75 kb/s. It won’t help the speed, but it can help to make the connection more stable. I’ve had to do that previously with most game launchers when I lived in rural areas.

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Exactly this. You have to tell the software you have crappy internet so it can go into optimized mode for slower connections.

If it still does not help, ask Steam support. Seriously. Or just leave it.

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