.pak file tampered with or missing

I’ve read all the threads … there’s no fix. It’s not on my end, I’ve even taken my computer in and had it looked at. I did the windows 10 memory diagnostic, found nothing. I’ve reinstated the game 3 times, I’ve verified the game I don’t know how many times…

From what I read online this is cause by a update on one of the dlcs. I’ve bought the exiles edition that comes with 3 dlcs I believe. My friend who bought just the base game is playing just fine.

I’d like to go about a refund. Please and thank you.
This is about 2 months old and still no answer as to what it is. Please don’t say it’s my system.
I7-3850. 2gb GPU ddr5 … 16gb of ram. That is all working great. I even went and bought green hell of it see if it was my system. Green hell runs perfectly.

I will make sure to keep commenting on this as so it doesn’t get lock out.

If you want a refund you need to either use the steam function of you haven’t surpassed the limitation time or you can contact the customer support via email if you have surpassed this limited time due to trying to get the game running. Sometimes companies show goodwill and refund these games.

Have you tried validating the integrity of the game through steam?

If not… open up steam > Libraray > right click Conan > Properties > Local Files > "Verify Integrity of Game Files

This has worked for me countless times to repair the fatal errors. Hope this helps!

Of course I have…read my first post please. This isnt so hard.
And they don’t have a support email for issues. It just beings you here -.-

If you scroll down below the forum part there you can send the live support an email.
I am not sure how it works on Steam but there probably is some kind of contact Formular to the developer of a game as well.

Yes that was the first thing I did, however if you fallow the drop boxs you’ll find that for this game there isn’t a support email. It just has a list of common issues. Which this isn’t one. :confused:

Oh okay, that’s unfortunate. I guess you should then do it from the Steam page, there you can chose to refund a game as well. This page explains it: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6695-QIKM-7966

Your post focuses on you and your setup lol

Honestly it may be at this point

My setup ? ? How would it ever be my setup. If my PC was failing. . . . I’d know. . . Just bought steel devison 2 last night, played it for likeb3 hrs straight. Works perfectly.
Just Conan doesn’t. . One of the dlc Patch’s is broken . .

Ive left my suggestion bud… you seem very upset so im out lol

One question I don’t think you’ve answered: have you installed any mods?

Another question: what type of graphics card do you have? There are some known issues with AMD hardware.

Considering that you seem to be the only one reporting this issue, I suspect it’s not actually one of the DLCs. Those are popular enough that surely someone else would’ve encountered the same issue and reported it. The couple of issues with .pak files I’ve seen in the PC Bug reports section were fixed by validating the files via Steam.

Unfortunately, computers are individuals. I see this every day - our company has a couple dozen Fujitsu latops from the same factory batch, all installed from scratch by yours truly, and I’m experiencing at least three different behaviors of the same software on these supposedly identical machines. So the problem may in fact be in your computer, despite the fact that in theory, it should run the game perfectly well.

I get a .pak-file error with every other update, and verifying the integrity of the local files always fixes that for me.
Thus I find it very strange that this does not work for the OP.

if you believe it is a dlc error, have you tried disabling the DLC’s one at a time through steam?

the DLC’s are only cosmetic if it is a DLC you could try reinstalling just that one DLC

Also are you trying to use Mod’s? mod’s are pak files also.
some mods are out of date, could it be a mod?

No, mods. Clean install. The whole verify your files does usually work, that’s why I’m here. Cause it’s not working. I’ll say it again. It’s not working. . . And no I’m not uninstalling every dlc then uninstalling it to see where the problem is. . . I bought the dlc it should work. None of this .pak fine bs . . I’m not the only one having this problem.

I’m not the only one. A quick google search could of told you that. Thanks for your insight. I do have a amd graphics card.

You’re misunderstanding what I mean, you don’t need to uninstall to check which dlc is the problem.
the way the game works is mods or DLCs are loaded before the base game.

all you need to do is un-tick the DLCs one at a time in steam, it doesn’t uninstall them, just stops them from loading.

After that, if you find the culprit you can uninstall / reinstall just that one.