Hunaman's Grotto

Anyone know if Funcom fixed Hunaman’s Grotto yet? Or is it still broke like Avatar’s and T4 Bearers?

It is fixed on PC. Not really following the console patches myself.

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not on PS4 yet. Went there a week ago, and still same issue.

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Ty. Hopefully it doesn’t take six months like the Avatar’s are. Which are still missing. Or side railed like that of the T4 Bearers.

The good news is that the t3s are much easier to get and have huge hp pool.

Thats not good news. Because that hugh health pool was meant for the T4. Which is why everything is broke. Wasting time leveling t3’s to be nerfed isn’t productive time consumption imo. Keeping my T4 in the box till fixed and using 1 T3 till fixed.


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