Were the thrall levels nerfed in New Asagarth?

I swear there used to be more T3 ones there before that big patch but I don’t see any really other than fighters. I am trying to find a T3 blacksmith (or T4) but am not sure where to look now.

I’ve encountered a number of T3 blacksmiths and two Beri’s (T4) in New Asagarth in the last couple of days.

This is just crappy RNG that you’re running into. I don’t think we should have to slaughter whole towns over and over again to get a good thrall, the grind on this is stupid and a bad game mechanic.

No, same values as always. Unless you are talking about testlive, then I don’t know.

Mounds is just a hop skip and a jump away and you can get BS/Smelter/TM/Bearer/Fighters/Armorer (t4) am i leaving something out? So If NA isnt working out for ya head west and take a peak.

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