What happened to New Asagarth.. Mini boss gone, no more t4

Before the patch I was able to tame 4 t4 thralls all at the same spot each time I visited the place. Now these changed to t1-t3 fighter thralls… Wth happened to the t4 thrall aka mini boss at the staircase?

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New Asagarth, as well as the other big npc camps (so far I visited Summoning Place and Seperemeru), have been changed with the last update, it should have a new npc distribution. I don’t know about named thralls, but surely they will spawn just with a lower chance as always (at least I hope!)

It was removed. I think this is a good change - being able to reliably get the named thrall was devaluating the hole idea off t4 thralls being random spawns you have to hunt for.
Other thing was you could an artisan (except the armorer I guess) from said spot while the named NPC was technically a “chieftain” of New Asgarth. A t4 fighter or an archer ruling faction capital is OK, but a t4 cook? Did’t make sence.

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I agree. Tameable T4’s should never spawn reliably or in the same (exact) place IMO.

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What is not fair is that people have been able to tame these T4 thralls as many as they wanted before the patch and new players coming into the game don’t have a chance at doing the same. I’d call for a wipe but then funcom will be losing players.

Either way it sucks, it was good the way it was. The game is all about fun and they are turning it into an ark game where you have to grind and grind. The game won’t last for 10 years anyway so why make it hard, calling it ''an accomplishment" is kinda bs. The game is supposed to be all about fun and enjoy the game while it lasts. This patch kinda put me off the game, they already lost me at paying for DLC. But like always… I’m just a number and they don’t give a S**t until they actually start losing players, then they’ll do anything to get players back. But i’m kinda done with those “swift” moves of these devs (all games in general).

This patch removing t4 thralls at new asagarth made the game less enjoyable. So what if I can get t4 thralls? doesn’t hurt anyone. My walls and everything will get blown anyway by a few explosives from bigger clans.

I had fun chasing t4 thralls… now it’s a constant gamble game where you have to hope that their will be a t4 thrall. It’s wasting my time and time we don’t have. Make the game fun and i’ll come back more.

Well… It’s the same argument brought up every time they fix a spawn error, and the answer is also going to be the same: no it’s not ‘fair’, but it’s still better to fix it and move on than to leave the mistake in. Established players are always going to have advantages over new ones in a game like this anyway.

I could complain that due to RNG I didn’t get a Sword of Crom or Lifeblood Spear before the nerf - but I’m not going to do that either.

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The thing is the chieftain spawning at new asagarth was never a mistake. It was all good until they patched it.

IMO guaranteed T4 spawns are always a mistake, whether this is intended or not I cannot say.

Chance spawns are fine, guaranteed ones are not.

Each their own opinion I guess :wink:

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