Shouldn't fixing a broken character be a priority?

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***why are T3 Bearers still higher health than T4’s a month later after incorporating the thrall leveling system? Nerfing weapons and fixing skeleton pets should not take Presidence over a sought after character in the game imo.

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I prefer fix the game.

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Honestly, no IMO it shouldn’t. Should it get fixed? Of course. Be a priority? Not really.

That said, it ought to be a small and relatively easy fix, unless there’s something seriously wrong with how the game is built.

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IT should just be a tweak to the data tables. They are more than likely just going to include it in the next patch with the follower rescue option. I haven’t pulled data on Testlive yet to see if it is in there. Testlive is not always the entire patch coming either. The smaller fixes like this are usually just thrown in right before certs.

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It isn’t in the testlive patch. They are more concerned with skeleton pets losing inventory when rescued. Who even uses skeleton pets? What a waste of space in a thrall limited game.

If it were Dalinsia or the Relic Hunters it would be a priority. The pvpers would cry till it got fixed. Where i’m liike who cares about Dalinsia or Relic Hunters, when Votaries have same damage values and drop with higher health and greater percentages to strength.

Don’t confuse a bug’s priority with its severity.


This persists to the current TestLive version. I have just tested it.

Cimmerian Sherpas' Health Pool
 	Base	Simple Max
 T4	2368	 5593
 T3	3494	20428
 T2	1528	 9765
 T1	 512     1664

Simple Max is the Average maximum after 40 trials each of no food buff, gruel, steaks and hybrid gruel/steak. 160 samples.

Health Multiplier
Simple Max is this many times more than Base Health
T4 = 2.36
T3 = 5.85
T2 = 6.39
T1 = 3.25


Wouldn’t you agree? Its broken. No reason a t3 or t2 should have more hp than a t4. Nor still have it a month later.

Useful information. Ty. But i ask how fixing a skeleton pet from losing inventory when rescued out prioritizes a Named T4 Bearer? Testlive Patch (24.02.2020) - Additional fixes and fine-tuning

Because the skeleton pet has no weapon, and you cannot arm it. So if you had a level 20 skeleton pet, and you had to rescue it, it would be even more worthless than a skeleton pet already is.


Makes sense for a worthless item. I’m just like who cares. Fix the Bearers already. You broke what wasn’t broke in the first place.

And also because some of them drop weapons that are completely unbreakable :wink:

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I placed it here without comment because I was pressed for time. It seems like it’s not just broken, there’s something wrong with the scalar units. Please keep in mind the growth is as logarithmic as possible considering RNG and vagaries of food buffs, so my averages are there for guidance and not exact figures. To me, the implication is that this fix requires the tuning of multiple values, which can cause considerable havoc if deployed without proper caution.

It should be dealt with with comparative haste; it is a glaring example of incomplete polish that can cause a significant imbalance in the game. T3 bearers are a dime a dozen, and when I play on PvP I will have a bevy of them as HP sponges. This has an erosive effect on new players: they say “why in Set’s name should I try to achieve a named if it’s a whammy?”


Hello @n2wichita75, the issue will be addressed in a future patch as the team is already aware of it.

Please refrain from opening further posts as it won’t expedite its resolution since there’s no further input needed on this specific issue due to the its nature.