High priority bugs


When reading the most replied to/liked posts in the bugs section I feel like these are the most important (major)ones:

  • Thrall HP issue on server restart
  • Thralls are passive
  • World mobs are passive
  • Purges are not working correctly

It would be nice if you could confirm that these are being worked on with the highest priority and will be included in the next patch before anything else, even if you cannot give a timeline yet. Thanks.


…and do turn off purges until you’ve fixed this, the notion that offline purges are fun is bad enough (seriously…), but coupled with utterly borked thrall AI, it’s borderline gamebreaking


Have you looked at eg. Issues Status - PC ?

Reporting how bugs happen etc. is more important than listing a populair topic. You should maybe comment such as here in update posts, but know that

  1. devs do read the forums. They know what you’ve said probbably.
  2. Everyone has bugs that are important to them. Not the most populair bugs really count, it is the bugs that get the right attention from players that count (don’t quote me on that though).

I’m just a wiki editor btw.

Hi TheLOLxd2, ty for your reply.

Yes I have read the Issue Status. It says nothing about the priority and investigated seems like a rather vague status.

  1. Look at the devtracker, pick anyone who is not community related, look at the activity… I’m not saying they should read the forum, I’m only saying that they do not read much in here.
  2. I fully agree, hence my message, since these are the ones most replied to and liked, they seem to be the ones that get the most attention imo.

And I’m just a Conan player who would like to see these fixed first before adding more stuff and more problems. I’m very disappointed with the weekly newsletter which clearly states that they are continuing on the same path with priority on new content and maintaining unhealthy deadlines.


@Skinny here’s a recap of the issues with useful links.

Thrall HP issue on server restart - Investigated
This might get a fix sometime soon, but does not mean it will be immediately deployed.

Thralls are passive - Investigated, hard to reproduce internally
It has been looked into, but may need further comments on eg. this reply or this post.

World mobs are passive
Related: AI Enemies will not aggro - Official Server #1531 - #4 by Balt
It would be good to get more input into it, as that might get it listed further down the line. I can’t confirm this.

Purges are not working correctly - Investigating
This is still being looked into and needs quite a few fixes for it to work as intended.
Reason for the status is that the cause of the issue isn’t completely clear, or the way to fix the issue isn’t solid yet.

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Now now, my fellow players. The Dev team’s main focus is on new stuff, not old. They are looking forward! Any software released with bugs, or rather ‘undocumented features’, will be left as is. Why waste time making old content work correctly, when we can make pets for people?

C’mon, really.

Since June 1 there has been no effort at all to correct bugs that are making the game a misery for people. It has been so long that modders are starting to make bug fix mods.

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Hi again, ty for the information. I had already read all that tbh. The point is not if they are merely working on it, but are working on it with the highest prio and before anything else. As for the statuses, I was only referring to the ‘investigated’, the others were clear. And even with your explanation it remains vague or odd as a status.


According to Funcom they are working on it, but with no particular sense of urgency.

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For those of you complaining, the Developers are not focusing entirely on new content. They have several teams working on CE. Yes, there is a small team working on new content, the art team is working on cosmetic items like the DLC content, and the rest are working on fixes and optimization for the game.


We know, and those are indeed our high priority issues and being worked on :slight_smile:
Purges for example have had internal fixes that should partially be on Testlive but I’ll double check with the team.