PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 (10.07.2018)

Diagonal Support Beam dosent work .
Its not posible to repair our Pyramide and Bridges!

Please fix This.


I have a dedicated server and since the patch Mother of all patches. Mobs on my server don’t attack, he’s attack only if i attack.
I have reboot my server, some mob attack randomly
then they do not attack anymore. Mobs is full passive

Other people dating get problem? did you have a solution?

Thanks for you answers

Sorry, for my bad english

Have you also updated with the latest two hotfixes? That fixed it for our dedicated server.

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As of the latest patches (?), it seems you need to have them more submerged/farther into the water in order for fish to spawn. We had to move some of our fish traps on our dedicated server because of this. More realistic imho.

Also, as noted, your traps are actually facing the wrong way ;p Not sure if that has any in-game relevance though.

Just checked Official 1504 and decay timer is still 144 hours.

I am wondering if star metal was fixed in this as well. Found a node in its shell, but after 6 oil, 2 fire and 2 gas orbs, it did not even start to crack. So maybe they are falling properly now, but un-openable? It was just one node I found, so it could have been a glitched one.

I’m investigating and asking the devs about the decay timers.
Also, in regards to those having issues with thralls not attacking anything: Is it all thralls you own that do not react? Or just certain ones? Ones with a certain type of weapon(s)? Or any sort of consistency that you can tell? We’re looking into this further but we appreciate any observations ya’ll have. :slight_smile:


all thralls dont attack no matter the weapon, even if you stuff their inventory full of rubbish and try force them to have weapon out, they somehow put them away into a extra inventory slot that shouldnt exist.
So basically people come to your base, thralls will shout and maybe if you are lucky they will move but wont attack.

ps - any news of an apology to the diagonal support beams being changed to decorative and wrecking peoples bases + items lost due too that?

pps - any news on teh star metal issue? eg - not spawning correctly

For us, all thralls with all weapons and for the mobs this is randomly. They don’t attack if you don’t attack. After reboot this a liitle good, but after the mobs and thralls bug.
The server is update with two hotfixes

I’m on a private, no mod server. The AI of all npc’s seem to be the issue. I’m seeing that people’s thralls aren’t attacking during purges (purges are all naked thralls???) and both beasts and Thralls at any given location either have a very delayed (15 seconds or more) agro response or no response at all until you smack it around a bit. I even got world bosses that can’t hurt you! On a side note I’m seeing a lot of spawned thralls that are tier IiI, Iii, etc. might be a quality control issue on code typo’s. I have many, many more issues but I’ll hold off until this specific problem is addressed.

Hey there, I seen people making more and more forum about the Star metal do not spawn properly, could you please tell me is your team aware of this?

people are anxious now; especially one of your dlc required to find some.

Can confirm, I’ve made them aware when the first couple of reports starting coming in about it. :+1:t3:
Sorry for the trouble regarding that!


Wow, thank for the fast respond, by the way well done last night for manage to fixed the weathers issue, now I even planning to build a small castle at frozen north. I really happy to see Funcom still active nicely.


Perfect response Nicole, this is exactly the kind of interaction and support the forum needs. Well done :+1:


I built a well before PC Hotfix Build 103818/18696 and could not place it anywhere. I put the well in a wooden box. After the latest hotfix I tried to place the well again with the same results. It will not allowing placing the object due to “overlapping object or terrain”. I literally ran around the entire desert area near the summoning place and could not place the well.

Single-Player with Offline MOD.

It dosent make any differnce what way thay are faceing thay where working and now there not.

I believe the bug came back in the latest patch. Wheels are resetting again. Is it something like some others that will keep coming back?

Thrall not attacking must be related to maximum active AI in the area, I noticed a base with 20+ archers just ignored me, but one thrall following me fights alright.

Monsters at least are attacking again on official server.

Still geting bugged out foundation blocks that get placed at 100hp and can not be fixed.

Still no word on Star Metal?
And what about Insulated Wood cost?
It raised the price to make Tier 2 buildings.

Come on funcom, communicate.

And dont put timers on things if you are unable to display the timers in-game. Come on now. Don’t be silly:)

I answered about Star Metal a couple comments above. A potential fix for it is in just not yet deployed to live.
I recommend the Dev Tracker too by the way. It’s an easy way to see CM comments. :slight_smile: Though you may see stuff from our other games too, so sorry about that.