High priority bugs

@Skinny here’s a recap of the issues with useful links.

Thrall HP issue on server restart - Investigated
This might get a fix sometime soon, but does not mean it will be immediately deployed.

Thralls are passive - Investigated, hard to reproduce internally
It has been looked into, but may need further comments on eg. this reply or this post.

World mobs are passive
_Related: https://forums.funcom.com/t/ai-enemies-will-not-aggro-official-server-1531/25784/4_
It would be good to get more input into it, as that might get it listed further down the line. I can’t confirm this.

Purges are not working correctly - Investigating
This is still being looked into and needs quite a few fixes for it to work as intended.
Reason for the status is that the cause of the issue isn’t completely clear, or the way to fix the issue isn’t solid yet.

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