High Priority Bugs discussion

When reading the most replied to/liked posts in the bugs section I feel like these are the most important (major)ones:

  • Thrall HP issue on server restart
  • Thralls are passive
  • World mobs are passive
  • Purges are not working correctly

It would be nice if we could get confirmation that these are given highest priority and will be included in the next patch before anything else, even if no timeline can be given yet.


It’s a shame and disgraceful that Funcom refuses to address these issues, and touts some weird feature that no one wants.

Fix your bugs Funcom

Hi Myung, I would not say that we don’t want the new stuff, most people, myself included want new stuff very much, but only after the major issues are solved.


All of these are known issues and they are working on them. Please keep in mind, they just returned from the 3 week summer vacation Sweden has, by law, this week.

Some communication with your player base would go a long way. We’ve been playing with the bugs for a month while you were on vacation, by law or not. So far it’s zip.


Develop new content.
Test live
Release new content.
Fix bugs
Observe, be stable as you are no longer Early Access

Develop new content…


This was just pushed to Testlive.

I’m on testlive EU3

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