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***recently i had a hyenas purge and each wave had 1 cub which i killed last and the “hyenas are reagrouping” notification appear right after that; At the third wave i picked the cub and the purge continued but there was no enemies left, i dumped the cub on the ground but now it was in a loot bag and couldn’t kill it so I assume this must be a bug or why would the devs put a cub on each wave which you have to kill otherwise the purge stops and you have to wait around 30 min for the purge to stop

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Wasn’t one stuck in a rock/tree mountain side? (or underwater?)

I’ve had this with a few Hyena/Spider purges. 2-3rd wave, All is good then… Nothing.
(sometimes nothing right away, sometime I kill everything and…never ends)

Even when its same direction, they can suddenly get one in river, rock etc. Some of them are NINJAS! I gave up on one purge, and mined a small rock, and BAM, spider was inside (rock was smaller then spider. XD)
Since a few Hyena do this to.

I havn’t had a issue with a cub before. But i tend kill them…

I usually toss poison arrows around and gas orbs. (they can gas thru objects) cause so far. Its been that.

Explosion work to, but you risk killing yourself or breaking your own stuff.

If it is a Issue with a Pup being grabbed. I’ll have to remember to save one of them last and try it out. (havnt had issue with them so far)


Hi there, there were other reports about this issue as well. It seems that the purges with babies are causing hiccups.

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