Hyper Armor Solution

Everything swing/combo/slash/bite a RNG of no lower than 5% all the way to 20% will trigger everytime you swing giving you the chance of hyper armor. With each swing you have a chance and a chance not to be mauled to death.

EDIT: Separate idea not to be included with the hyperarmor idea. < [END EDIT] - Heavy weapons would get small damage reduction while hyper armor is active.

Medium Weapons will get a small increase in danage for the next swing.

Light weapons will get damage reduction after a fully completed backroll or backflip, backroll would be damage reduction, while backflip would be a light stamina regen like Jhild hands ‘Armor’.

I believe that while this would need to be fleshed out enough to make it work I genuinely believe that there will be no better solution or alternatives to this subject.

If you want to top my idea, tried of being mauled to death all the time or my thrall getting 5v1 and they never manage a swing until they take all the hits. Chads or not enough.

Obviously I left out pets but on their signature move they should get hyper armor and a few seconds of HP regen at a value of 2 for 5s.

LASTLY I do PvC NOT PvP do obviously for these modes and there different aspects not all of this would work or flesh out enough to see a dead corpse obviously. I frankly don’t care how this would affect PvP so chad up or get a chad group or sabotage chad it.

(Random Thought) I want a butterfinger right now made of white chocolate with chocolate peanutbutter inside. Mmmmm, shame it don’t exists I would call it,
Butterfinger of happiness mixed deliciously.

EDIT: - ‘Chad is supposed to mean someone or something awesome’ been used a lot on games I play it made its way in to my brain apologizes. Lol


This would affect PVP at the same level as PVE-C as you’re talking combat.

Not caring about a mode is your right but remember that we’re all players.

Not sure what you mean by ‘chad’.


First, please no RNG.
Second, you or your thralls get pinned by 5 men all the time is obviously a tactical mistake. Even a world champ boxer can’t handle 5 men at once what makes you think you can?


I don’t really know either ‘chad’ is just being used a lot to be a ‘git gud’ statement or someone or something that is awesome. I know it would affect them I just believe that it should be ignored on the pvp aspect of the game to balance the actual ‘base gameplay’ obviously I would be totally fine from a 1% - 25% chance of gaining hyper armor now the extra benefit such as damage and regen and such was more of a personal preference I’ll edit it to make it make sense that it wasn’t a this is automatically with that other concept.

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This isn’t about this or that realistic aspect, while a 1 world champion boxer could easily take five men holding weapons such as knifes. I have seen less trained people actually boxing a group of people until they fled. As well as that humans have adrenaline which allows you to ignore pain to a degree.

The fact is the NPC enemies still have it, it should be removed entirely from the game if it’s not going to be fixed or improved on.

Tactically I hardly get stuck unless I stopped paying attention and started to stare at my TV watching ATHF for the 6000+ time because I don’t really care about the outcome of a obvious win. However I have been in spots and been stun locked in to being pushed in to the stuff and I cannot jump out or get out or even put the shield up my thrall can’t either

Literally got caught in a stupid pin by 4 or 5 skeletons and with my thrall pinned against me I had my highest level armor, 3 of them only swing their fists I believe, while 2 had weapons I was pinned for a bit I had to sit there and take it. I am considering heavily the double jump ability if that doesn’t work as a solution then hell I am occasionally a punching bag forced to wait up to 30 seconds for them to finish the job.

I believe that only you should be able to dodge away when being hit if that is the case, also goes with out saying that Animal pets signature moves should have hyper armor and so should Bosses.

Love and respect your devotion to the realism but for larger mechanic systems like this that isn’t needed, now if it was something small like a swing animation not being physically possible for a real human, a virtual made up character with a human body should not reflect such silliness if it doesn’t have a place in a video game.

Ok, so what you are requesting, is an ability to blindly throw yourself at a hoard of enemies and don’t need to care about who they are or how many they have, because you gonna get that RNG hyper armor and mash through this mess anyway without the need to move your eyes away from that TV show, right?
My fellow exile, you know this is gonna erase the last challenge in the game while people are complaining there’s none left already.


Oh ok, that kind of chad - thanks for explaining!

I get your point about base gameplay. But just to point out that for PVE-C and PVP there’s only 2 differences: timed combat and raiding. You’re still PVPing in PVE-C. So that means that anything requested for combat related changes would impact all modes at the same level with NPCs - but for combat with Player Vs. Player would be the same. It’s not like asking for base game stuff for PVE only ^^

Basically I’m just not sure why you even mentioned the PVP point at all as you are in a PVP environment?

Anyway, hyper armor for players was removed about the same time that AoS was released. I’ve seen much support in it returning but some never liked it.

I think @demonado makes an important point, especially about RNG. I’m guessing based on your comments that you don’t really tend to get into too many group fights or even 1 v 1 encounters with other players? If that is the case you might want to so you can test that aspect of it before really committing to what you’ve suggested.

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Personally, this one likes less RNG.

Hyper armour solutions that this one would be in favour of are tying Hyper armour to the weight of armour worn. If one is losing out on dodge roll and stamina (especially in the stamina starved modern meta) then the trade off is attacks actually going thru.

Failing that, all heavy attacks get hyper armour, but damage taken during those attacks that would have interrupted, come out of stamina as well. In the stamina starved meta, this has bite and it especially prevents spamming attacks behind hyper Armour.

Another tangent, to be used in conjunction with other solutions not as a stand alone, would be to give some legendary armours hyper armour. As matters stand, unless they offer some special ability, many legendary armours are strictly inferior to crafted ones.


Okay so you want to go at it full on neanderthal, okay.

First running at hordes and winning would do nothing but kill you I said this had to be activated by process of a swing to which it will only give a 1-25% of having adrenaline to fight though the pain, not even 50% I said this being most rng at 25% is just reliable enough to have it trigger more than not considering its sort of the same with the pet system in a way when you increase the chance of a greater pet.

Another thing to note people complain only the very best people actually continue to try and fix it for a very small amount of people as you say to which play, I believe it’s far more than that but thats numbers I don’t have. The fact they fix stuff as fast as they do shows they didn’t intend for this to be a :poop: show and they continue to show theh actually give a damn very few companies care about a turd, they flush repeat and have your money.

To my knowledge the challenge in this game is set based on servers if official servers want harder difficulty they CAN increase it. However I have tried it its not my cup of tea the way the game is currently.

In the future read my stuff more than once the fact you seem to believe that a 1 to 25% chance to ignore pain after the first swing would decimate the game only applies to hackers and if they like onesided boring crap let them they will get bored and leave.

This would actually be very balanced considering that my first idea of this was a 50% chance on process of a swing to give hyper armor. Now that would be busted. Hell I was even okay going with 10% the highest it could go if it had to be that way.

So a 10% chance of a swing will make you god against a horde of hyper armor npc attackers, considering it will only trigger on the Initial swing this can’t even be abused I would find it hard to see how given animation recoveries.

Please try to understand what I am typing if you don’t just ask, stop skimming or you would sign something one day and lose everything somehow.

I went with armor but that would make light armor the highest and cause people to go in a build they don’t want so I chanhed my ideas up.
I don’t mind rng but to be honest this wasn’t even a thing that was supposed to trigger all the time a chance rather to make it sorta acceptable to eat 5 people stun locking you, backrolls shouldn’t be the only option.

Hollywood movies I guess


I would find it hard to believe that the wrestler The Rock Or Mike Tyson couldn’t handle 5 guys even if they had a knife or two because one hit from these two would knock them unconscious easily. While most say wrestling is fake they are ‘performers’ but they do get hit regardless of the fact they could easily rid the outcome they still have to put on a show with physically trained bodies so I doubt a small :poop: knife an a random untrained man with a knife would have a single hope. Or just looking at Mike Tyson’s fist and willing to take the risk would happen lol.

Hollywood wood does make wonderful movies but the fact they took a ‘world champion’ as a example is silly because they DEFINITELY could, bet my life on Mike Tyson’s Fist any damn day. The sheer fact they take these beatings on purpose in wrestling is amazing, boxing and MMA to a bigger degree because that is pay based off win rate, very cut throat industry. I don’t believe that wrestling is the same so they need to draw a crowd to make the pay. Hence all the theatrics. Lol

Yeah because it’s BS and the root cause of the roll-pokes. Remove hyper armor completely and watch brain power trump button mashing.

Removing hyper armor was replaced with near to infinite stamina and builds where you could jump around like a circus performer or roll around like Sonic instead.

Ya… replacing one with the other isn’t doing anyone any favours.

There wasn’t much brain power being used.


Sorry. Actual martial artists generally agree that superior numbers have a massive advantage unless they’re totally useless in a fight. I mean, clone me five times and send us against Mike Tyson and he’d beat us all, but take five guys who are physically fit, participate actively in street brawls and mean business, and Mike would go down.

It’s also worth noting that boxers, wrestlers and martial artists do not usually train fighting against multiple opponents. Being aware of one opponent at a time, and paying attention to several who are trying to flank you, are whole different ball games.

Also, never underestimate a blade’s advantage over an unarmed combatant. In a real fight, a knife doesn’t do 1d4 damage. Every hit is potentially fatal, because arms and legs have arteries too. No matter how strong and tough you are, going against a knife is a mortal risk.


Please stop going on about real fights.
It’s off topic and utterly irrelevant.

Real skeletons don’t get up and stab at you.
Real hastily knapped knives shatter on steel armour.
Real athletes don’t double jump.
Real bar maces striking the head kill, not stun for torture into subservience.
Drinking real sewer water makes real people sick.
Meanwhile, real fresh red meat from a clean kill doesn’t make people sick.
This one can go on ad nauseum.

This game is based on a barbarian power fantasy fiction. The source material only rarely let reality intrude upon it and the game follows suit more vigorously.

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Considering that it was the OP who started that discussion, I let them decide what is off-topic in their own thread.


While it does go off topic it is also in a way relevant if you’re going for a bit of realism to a extend otherwise you would see conan riding a hover bike or something. But I am fine with both of the subjects at the same time makes for a interesting take on what is needed to be implemented and a enjoyable experience on real fighting, I have recently got in to MMA and boxing but while it is a bit off topic we should focus more on the relevancy of hyper armor and whatever could possibly make it slightly better to not be a punching bag.

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Conan on a hover bike is more realistic to the works of Howard (to say nothing of the significantly more Sci Fi later material) than having a handful of mooks over power the protagonist.
This one practices (and teaches) Fiore and Lichtenauer swordsmanship. It’s not relevant for this game.

This one meant that for the purposes of the game. Conan Exiles is entirely unrealistic, especially it’s combat.
But this one is being vitriolic in a misplaced way.
Better explanation later when the mind is clear.


Come up with an idea for “hyper armor” over making the damned foolish mistake of getting gang raped by NPC’s.

What’s next?

You have to be smarter than the NPCs.

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