I am unable to retrieve my Username

I’m trying to log in to this: account dot anarchy-online dot com

I made a character on Anarchy months ago and want to return to playing that, but I can’t remember my username and I don’t see any option to find it. I was only able to reset my password but the email didn’t tell me a username and the login part still asks for a username, while the password reset did use my email. Can I not use my email to login?

If you didnt uninstall the game, you should have a folder under anarchy-online/prefs that is called the same as your username

The new account page (account.anarchy-online.com) misses some functionality so I would recommend using the old one (register.funcom.com).

On the lost password page, enter your e-mail address and click request password. It will mail you a list of your accounts.


Thanks a bunch. Register-funcom-com gave my username.

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