How can I retrieve my username?

I haven’t played in a while, and was going to pick up and play some more…but I can’t find a way to request my username. I was able to do a password reset, but I can find no way to perform a username retrieval. I sent message to support, but it has been over 24 hours with zero reply…so I made a forum account just to try and get this issue fixed.

I have an account dating back to the original retail release and I would like to keep that account and those characters without having to create a new account and start the game completely over.

I really think the only way would be via Funcom’s support staff. Of course you’ll end up having to supply all kinds of proof that’s it’s actually your account.

Any chance you kept the original emails they sent you when you first set up your account? If so they’d have your username on it.

Little late I know, but I’d suggest keeping a paper with your games and usernames on it for times like this. I’ve kept one since my first MMO and it’s come in handy more times than I can count.

I solved it myself (good thing I guess).

I essentially just went through every user name I have ever used over the course of my life until one of them finally worked, and then added it to the Username/Password spreadsheet that I keep around these days.

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Good thinking. Always helps when it’s just a small number of usernames one uses. Just think how screwed you’d be if you used one off random names.

You can easily retrieve your username from the Lost Password page.
Just enter your e-mail address registered with the game:

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