Returning player, cant access old account

Looking through all the similar posts, i see i am not the only one not being able to retrieve their old account. I am guessing my account was probably deleted or purged for lack of activity? If theres any way i can get it back i would appreciate it, in case any devs see this. Thank you any way.

edit: Also, when i try to register a new account, the box that pops up is completely black and empty. I dont see any way to even create a new account.

Hm, try this page here Click on “play for free” and then on “free to play”.

This page isn’t working right now

Weird, works fine for me. From wich page are you trying to create a new account?

Finally logged in. I realized on my account page it turns out i had an ACCOUNT INFORMATION “username” and under ACCOUNT STATUS i had an “account name” and they were both slightly different. I tried logging in with the account information user name and that worked. I got back in and my characters showed up.

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