I anyway i can unoock races @ areas withouth subscription?


can i unloc races and aras witout subscrription ?


If you can’t enter the area without premium then no, you wont be able to do these races.


Premium does not unlock any area or race.
If you have the rise of the godslayer expansion, you have all the races available.
If you have dragon spine, turan, rise of the godslayer and vanaheim expansions, you have all the areas available.


i meantt. cause you can the ADDING funds to the games and then i can use those funds to unlock more slots for player chars l


You mean you want to unlock khitai characters without owning the expansion or having premium?
If yes, that isn’t possible as well, you can only unlock the khitai race by buying the expansion though you don’t need premium to do so.

So, in order to play as a khitai character you will need to buy Rise of the Godslayer but you don’t need to be subscribed, you can use all of the expansions content without premium if you bought it.


you can use the funcom points you buy ( in-game funds ) to buy more character slots in the in-game shop. slots cost 1500 points if i remember correctly.
Active premium subscription unlocks 6 or 7 character slots (depending on when the account was created).


ooo ? thanks. i will see if i can find it… thanks !




i will do that.


i bougt i still cant select all the races ?


am i supposed to activate my buy first ?


If you bought the expansion in the item shop it should be activated “instantly”, you don’t need to do anything else yourself.
Though it might need some until the expansion becomes registered on your account, I don’t think you can do anything else besides waiting right now.
Also, relog at least once if you bought the expansion, I mean completely log out, close the game and restart once.


it took a day., but it works now thanks

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