I back to the game :D

i have a some question…
the healer is healer ???
any change from game???
Any information for a returnee?

Sorry my english.

Sadly healers aren’t needed most of the time. At lower tier dungeons, you might encounter tanks, not running a sustain build, but at higher tier the groups usually run with 1 tank and 4 dps. If cleanses, or other abilities are needed, then usually one of the dps, or even the tank changes build or 1 or 2 skills to cover them.

Are you returning from the beginning of SWL or TSW?

SWL one year 9 month i played.

Oh! You didn’t miss much at all. The last update was April 1st I think. They added the Tank Commander so that you can get the two missing museum items and Rosenbrawl in London as far as I remember. It’s still a no healer preferred game.

There is also Dark Agartha and Occult Defence group. I Don’t even remember when those two came out but OD is no longer just single and duo. Pretty sure you’d know about those, though.