More heal agents and without a weapon overhaul?

To be honest,at the current point almost everyone running sustain tank–even myself against this idea but…how the heal agents being useful and desireble by ppl when in very most case even healers get discriminated?

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Even without sustain tanking, regular tanks didn’t need healers optimized to every last %. The only way to heal is overheal, there’s zero cumulative effort (unlike dps) and most healers have a solid 30-40% margin anyway so adding another 1% to that doesn’t do anything

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I asked the same question.
New agents, ok, the idea is not bad, but agents only with heal rating ???
How many people will use these agents? This is the least profitable solution for Funcom, it seems to me. Agents with a speed boost maybe? or which decreases the CD of some abilities? or other things, but heal … strange idea!

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Maybe this is Funcom’s way of announcing that they’re working on the complete ability overhaul that people have been asking for since the launch. Soon healing will be viable again.

Or possibly they’re just really out of touch with the state of the game. I’ll let you decide.


I bet it’s becouse they are introducing a few new dungeons and a raid and an entire new zone where healing is mandatory …
OMG I still have my healing gear somewhere ! But I stopped leveling it, I must start again ! :rofl: