I can login into the account and forums sites but not the game

I just downloaded the game via steam and attempted to create an account from the link provided via the steam game launch page. It would never accept any email address as valid. I found a link that allowed me to create an account and allows access to the forums. I updated my personal information for my account (which worked) but every attempt to login to download the game updated graphics game or into the gave via steam launch is invalid.

I remember playing this game years ago but this seems silly for 2021.

The beta download is not available on steam, it’s on the main site page, though you can choose to install it into the steam AO folder.

Already knew that but in order to download, you have to login…

No actually you do not; I just double checked that using a browser I never use with no user data

Still can not login to the game. I was wrong about the download being only one way. I downloaded and installed both the normal and beta version. I used the windowed and borderless suggestion but it produces the same result as my steam version producing a pop up windows saying invalid user id or password.

Agan, I can login into the website account page and access my personal information and these forums for AO. Why the disconnect between the official website and the game? I will can not sign up for the monthly subscription if I can not play the game. I really do want to access the Shadowlands since I never played that part during the initial release.

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