I can not log into the server

I cannot log into more than one official server

Alright, if the message is coming from the official server then use the link on my previous post (I updated it), and submit a ticket.

Only Funcom can help you now, and you have to wait for them to respond back to you (use a valid email address).

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Are any of your clanmates having the same problem ?

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I sent an email but received no response. How long do I have to wait?

Hopefully, you will hear back “soon”. Since Siptah is to be released this week, I wouldn’t expect an immediate response.

One thing you can do is, get together with your clan mates and have a review of the terms of conduct make sure than no one in the entire clan violated the terms so that it helps your case. Sometimes mistakes happen but, one clan member can ruin it for everyone.

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same problem here. i sent message by sendesk, but no lucky
Only my character gets that message " The user is blocked on this server", without any explanation or reasons why I was banned. I asked funcom to show me evidence of the rules being broken. 1 week has passed and I still cannot access official servers and no response from funcom through zendesk. The rest of my clan members do not have this problem.

I paid for the game and I can’t access it. good service and good customer service that you have funcom. Thanks

Cannot get Online Modus
Get the message (in German):
Anmeldung nicht möglich. Bitte starte neu oder versuche es später erneut. Spiel wird im Offline-Modus fortgesetzt, in dem nur der Einzelspieler-Modus verfügbar ist.

What is wrong???

Hello @pepebenz hopefully, it’s a mistake and it gets resolved soon.

I would suggest asking your clan mates to gently “kick” you out of the clan until this is resolved, hopefully to avoid getting “banned by association” if that is a thing, maybe?

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Hello @Wolf512,

Welcome to the forums, a few things to try.

  1. Check if PSN is down in your area
  2. Make sure that your PlayStation Plus account is up to date, you need an active subscription to play online.
  3. Download the latest update to Conan, sometimes the PlayStation let’s you download the single player so that you can start the game, while the multiplayer is downloaded in the background.

I tried everything, it goes to private servers and to American ones too. At least they said the reason for blocking

Does it make sense to buy a new card? When they can be blocked for no reason

Maybe you do something in the past. The reaction of FC is not the fastest. Something like this

Or its a mistake or just a bug. Yesterday I was told by the game that I am not connected to psn… But I was. After some attempts it was ok again.

I don’t know what that is?

Do you mean a PSN PlayStation Plus card, that is up to you, if you play other online games that require PS+?

I mean the Siptah card

Did you open a ticket? Did you get a reply?

Weirdly enough i have also been banned, but i have no idea the reason why or what for. i practically play on a dead server.

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Banned on all officials I don’t know why.

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I opened the ticket. No answer

After 6 days, funcom answer.

If you open a ticket through Zendesk, add that information to speed up the resolution of this problem.
At the moment, I am still unable to log into official servers