I can't build in my own house

Game mode: official pve-conflict
Problem: Bug
Region: Asia 4095

I am no longer able to build inside my own house. I am the leader of my clan and nothing new is built around us. I can build everywhere else just not inside the house.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Let Funcom servers crash twice in one week.
  2. Finally log back in to server after downloading the dlc update.
  3. Try to put a chest down in your house, of put the torch you just picked up back down.

To add to my own post, it’s almost like some of he structures built by clan members is not recognizing they are in the clan. Might be a clan update issue with server restarts? I am going to clan kick them and readd once they are online to see if it updates the clan.

To confirm, my theory was correct. If you remove the clan member and readd them to the clan if fixed the bug.

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