Several Bug in Official PvE server

Game mode: Online PvE
Problem: I can’t build in my own lands
Region: Europe

Hello, please I need support with a several bug or problem in my game. The game has let to another player build in my house, and now i cannot build in my own house. I can share you a video what prove it. In the video you can see what I can to interact with all objects because are all mine, but i can’t build in my own construction. I´ve been around 2 days building my house and I need a solution please.

Thanks so much

My game server is Official Server #3002 PvE - g-portal and my ID: JaDom17

I can’t post a link, but I have a Youtube Link with my video

I´m sorry if i don´t report it in the correct way, but I’m Spanish and I writing and reading all in English, and I’m do it better i can

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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