Claimed territory prevents now to build on PVE server

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe
Platform: PS4
PSN ID: liquidand
Server: PVE 3181

I’m playing in the PVE server 3181 since some weeks. I build my base in F4, near the river, but now I can’t build anymore, or place any other stuff inside my home. Seems that because of an error the game allowed another player (unknow since I cannot see the name) near my base camp. Now every time I try to build something I read thet the territory is already claimed.
Can you please fix this as soon as possible. Don’t want to restart from scratch, the alternative is to uninstall the game.

Some screenshot attached.

Mate I wouldn’t hold you’re breath. This land claim bug has been reported over and over again but like so many other bugs gets no attention from Funcom . I reported this happening a few months after console release and they still have not addressed it. Don’t uninstall or destroy you’re base just be patient. Log on and off a few times, or at worst try again tomorrow after server reset. This is a great game but to be honest I’ve never even heard of a company so slow at addressing issues.

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Like many of the bugs, this is all tied back to optimization. The loading aspects failed some how when they entered your area, and the other clan was able to build. I am sure they can’t build sometimes as well. The only fix is for them to destroy their base, or it will be a crap shoot on whose land claim loads in when you enter the area.

Do what Darkzombie says log off on the problem area and log back in. This issue will never go away been like this for years.

If it makes you feel better that person that built next to you will also have the same issue

How do you know that this is the issue and not simply the other person building on the edge of the claim zone resulting into the zones overlapping to a certain degree? When I played Atlas, this was a “strategy” to push people away, you can’t use the dead zone but they can’t use it either.

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I can’t say with 100%, this is what happened. but that has been the issue when i have come across it. Some individuals would do this on purpose on PVP. They would log off, then log back in by big bases, and while the base was loading you could place foundations. A form of greifing and trying to sneak in a treb tower inside all the sandstone spread out.

Hello @liquidand, if a player built next to your claim his own claim will overlap with yours, resulting in an area where it shouldn’t be possible to build, which is intentional.

Players usually surround their bases with claims or walls to prevent this from affecting their main structures.

If this was not the case, please provide us with further details.

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How bad :frowning:

What’s the point of land claim if it can be reclaimed by others?? So funcom is encouraging foundation spam to prevent this?? What a terrible idea :man_shrugging:t2:

Ciao Hugo. The point is that I build first, now it happen that I cannot place items neither inside my buildings sometimes

This issue is pretty annoying. Some times it helps if you logout and login while being inside your base. Sometimes…

No what i think he is referring to is putting an outer wall around the area yo uplan to build on. then you won’t have this issue.
I do not think he is implying to spam sandstone threads as far as you can see on the game.

think of a 2 level wall around your settlement. 30 x 30 would give a huge area to build your base. 120 sandstone foundations to line it would insure you have all the freedom you need in the middle.


Has WhatMightHaveBeen has kindly clarified, having a reasonably sized outer wall is more than enough to prevent claim intersection areas from reaching our inner claim. The claim overlap only happens when others build right outside of your claim and only affects the area where both claims are present, it does not allow other players to progressively interfere with your claim.

To be absolutely clear, we do not encourage any form of claim spam, and may even act upon it if we determine it to be excessive.

It’s ok, I think I can continue with this, but sounds pretty strange, because the roof of my building is mine. This logic prevents me also to build walls improvements and so on.

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