I can't change the language, and the subtitles are not working

The subtitles are already setted to work, but they are not appearing in the game. And everytime when I set to the portuguese language and save, it’s auto returning to the English language.

My game is already in portuguese, at least in the menu. But it shows this is in English in the config. When I change to portuguese, it returns to English language in the config.

The same thing that is happening with the friend above is happening to me here.
Please fix this problem because the update you launched is no use in anything.
If you do not order, ask for a refund.

everton, this game is very good. They are only having some beta bugs like the subtitle one.

I’m playing this game since the beginning of the november and it had a lot of bugs. And they are listening to who paid for the game. Some of my suggestions, they added in the game. And now this game is almost everything “ok” for a full game.

This game is very good. I’m really enjoying the results till now. It only has a few bugs that can undermine the understanding of the story for some, for example the subtitles problem. Or some other problems that involves the config settings. Or a gamepad issue that “freezes” the game.

Take into consideration that it is still in beta. And it’s already a good game.