Bug/ Language Keybindings

Steam Version

Key bindings are shown in Spanish? for me if the settings are on German or English. So it shows Pesta~na or something like that for Tab, Barra de Espacio for space?

Did you try to put your language in options?

Sure. The game was already German on startup, but shows English in the options, so I changed it to German for no reason, after that I hit the key binding tab for the first time and there it shows every key that is shown as text and not a single letter in Spanish.

Edit: I do not use any other language as German or English on Steam, never used Spanish or whatever that is^^

Edit2: Game is not safe for switching tabs. Game goes to inactive after 2-5 tab outs. Happened in windowed fullscreen and normal fullscreen

I have a similar thing that the game starts in my language. But in the options is English. At the same time there are no problems with the options … but there are no subtitles in the game :slight_smile:

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Subtitles work for me.

Thanks for the reports!
We’ll make sure the devs are aware.

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Lucky. Although I also have English subtitles … but my Russian ones are not.

here it is happening the same thing like the subtitles of the interface of the game is working in portuguese brazil but the subtitles in portuguese brazil in the speeches of the characters does not work stand 3 dots without anything written in them and is not in portuguese brazil.

If I set Language on Englisch the Keybindings still are in an for me unknown language. I have a screenshot, but I am a new user and I am not allowed to post pictures…how clever for Bug reports.

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I have the same problem. Some keybinds are in spanish. Seems wierd for a released game even in headstart.
Looks to me, regarding all the other bugs, that this is more of a “beta steam early access release”.
Quiet frustrating.

You guys have posted an update but it’s no use.
It is not saving the legend in brazilian portugues when we choose this option does not work the legend in the game.
Only works if you put English.
If you do not get it, you’ll get a refund on the steam.

3.3GB update today but the keybinding issue is still not solved this is not pro at all.
I really cannot recommend this game and the keybinding issue is in fact the least annoying issue.
However if this easy prob is not fixed how can you assume the important bugs are?
I am sure even a 3 year old one side paralyzed monkey would have done better and in this case I would do the monkey wrong.
I am done with this piece of crap. I wish I would be able to refund … but Xsolla.