I can't find the server 2208 - c


eu jogo no servidor 2208 oficial, América latina conflito.
nos ultimos dias este servidor tem caido muitas vezes, e agora ja faz algumas horas que ele desapareceu.

o que esta acontecendo, ele vai voltar?


I play on the official server 2208, Latin America conflict. In the last few days this server has been down many times, and now it has been missing for a few hours. What’s going on, will he come back?


Hi washburn,

We are currently performing some maintenance on this server. It should be back in a couple of hours.

Apologies for the inconvenience while we work on this.

Hi Dana,
The server don’t come back yet.
It’s been cuple days this inssue.
Our bases have 10 days to renovate it but this maintence take more then 5 days to fix it.
Do you have a date to solve this situation?

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