I can't ride the undead rhino, but my clan mate who bought the undead rhino skin can ride it

I can’t ride the undead rhino, but my clan mate who bought the undead rhino skin can ride it.

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welcome to the bazaar paywall


Afaik only dlc, base game, event items are shareable. Bazaar, twitch drops and battlepass items we can’t share.

Does it mean a crafting station bought in the bazaar cannot be accessed and used by a clan mate?
How was it for the DLCs please? I cannot remember.

Good question. I think clan mates can acces them (turanian stove, aesir blacksmith bench, stygian armorers bench, stygian medicine chest that opens up like a transformer, even chests from battlepass or bazaar. I can check to be 100% but mates are on vacation right now.

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We were able to share, long ago…


Thank you.

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Aaah. I’m so glad that every 3 months we get more and more unusable micro transactional fluff added to the game. I’m sure this will be a healthy choice in the long term.

We can acess and use Any bench buyed in bazzar.

We can traine move and use in combat Any pet but we cant Put they from inventory to ground.

We can use and move Any decoration like bathtubs , prison jails or torture but we cant put They from inventory in the ground.

We cant use Any armors , weapons ,tools and mounts.

Armors and weapons can be used in skins Just in Thralls and you cant dress It If you dont buyed the armor from bazzar dressing a armor with skins from bazzar Will make the skins Will “bugs” and back to origin set before you Put a skin in It , your friend Will have to dress It again to It change to skin from the set buyed in bazzar.

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Thank you very much for this detailed answer.

The way it is applied looks so incoherent. If everything is supposed to be enhancements but not pay to win items, why don’t they just allow everyone to use the armors, weapons, tools and mounts? Just like they did for the benches and furniture: the one who bought them in the bazaar crafts the station and furniture pieces, then anyone can use them.

Before the introduction of bazaar and BP, there used to be a sort of economy and trade on servers for items and thralls. Since then, this has almost dried out