I couldnt buy worker or fighter from ancient coins cause the mechent that sells thralls was not there

I couldnt buy worker or fighter from ancient coins cause the mechent that sells thralls was not there

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Was not where? There is only 1 at Mek’s spire.

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but there wasnt

i talked to the server owner and he said ask in forum

Is there anything built nearby?
I know in my Single-Player game that the Black Blood Tools seller doesn’t spawn because I put my transportory stone close enough to prevent it from spawning.

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That sounds like they are passing the buck. Take your repair hammer out and pick a foundation and see if the area is claimed. Something tells me there’s an admin created undermesh building blocking the spawn to get people to get thralls to be found the old fashioned way.

Or check your modlist.


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What’s your map, Siptah or Exile lands?

I am the only admin of the server and i can assure you that I did not even know about this feature and thrall seller exist, and building is not allowed in that area, unless u go further. you can check this video, I made Ghost mode there wasnt any undermeshing.


There wasnt any building allowed, however there is 1 building slightly above the buildable area, but it surpassed the area already.


I play on officials a lot and found everything except a slaver. I thought they had been removed and you could only sell bloodstone for crates (and Obulous).

check here in Official Server #1327. They are there

Funny in that official server #1327, there is exact building in that location.

However merchant is there:

Upon removing this building here, server restart, and the merchant is back?

funcom please fix this issue, could this be landclaim setting?
Our landclaim setting:

Your official server #1327 has someone build in exact same spot and the merchant is there? Can you tell what is going on. I have the Saved file for both Before removing building and After removing building if you need

Yeah building close to NPCs can prevent them from spawning.
For instance, the Sand-Reaper Hive Queen next to the Passage (Jungle Side) cannot be built over, but you can build close enough to prevent it from spawning :rofl:

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