I dont think there is supposed to be heat stroke here


getting heat stroke while naked in the savanna next to boarder of the north and south. not sure wat the technical name is. I had to wear legion to run threw.

Why do you have warming up effect? What did you consume?
Can you give us the coordinates?

My temperature in the area seems ok:

Savannah is one of the hottest areas, plus your character has warming up status, you might have drink/eat something warming and that might as well be death sentence in such location

Not just warming but STRONGLY warming.

i was naked drinking water and eating the food u see on my hotbar. and also it didnt happen intel after this last update it was fine befor that

I’ve noticed the temperature is not constant, and seems to get hotter or colder from time to time.
like sunny will make it hotter, rain cooler
you might have been running through during a hot spell.

That’s exotic feast. It warms you up.


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