I don't understand Why ?!

I find it totally stupid that on an official server the first 40 to join are penalized by others who take their places and then can not join.

There should be a system that locks when the first 40 have joined the server.
And putting more servers it was obvious that there would be people, I find it totally unacceptable to have provided so few servers.

And why should you get priority over another player if you leave the server for work or etc then you give up that space for anyone to join, its simple wait for a space to open up or get ya own server


I have the priority just because I arrived before, let’s say I finished work at 6pm and I want to connect but the server is full and no one is disconnecting, how do I do?

And for the problem of taking a place unnecessarily simply set up a system if the player does not log in after a certain time he loses his place

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You shouldn’t get priority over someone else lmao, you’re not a special case. You should wanting be more server slots to accomodate more people than just you.


Or just add a proper queue system and not “who has a faster PC or faster internet wins”.

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Or just wait a couple of weeks and the server will be half full at most!

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Yeah true, like back then in 2018 :slight_smile:

It will get better as soon as the steam free week is over but I agree, a queue system would be nice. Unfortunately, considering that the official servers are rarely full, I can’t imagine it being a priority. It will only be useful for a handful of private servers and around free events.

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i think empty server is a mor common problem.


Narelle is right after this free week is over, server populations will drop to normal rates. Those on xbox and Play stations, will more then likely start seeing a drop at about 3 weeks. The same happened on PC when siptah came out. servers were always capped at 40, worse we dc’d alot in the beginning so sometimes I couldn’t even get back in to save my gear if I fell off a cliff from doing the running man lag. we also had issues with extreme ping, so even when the server had a slot we were waiting for refresh for better ping. Things are better.

Console users need patch to fix alot of issue… I think will stay at full for abit. Or enough people will get sick of losing stuff thru floor, or being killed by stuff that doesn’t exist.

There are official servers with 3 players online and you want more servers? Smh

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Plenty of room on server 6011, you’re welcome if you want
The only issue we are having is the server crashes…

There already a bunch of people who left because they died and have to remake their gear for like 5 times already…

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