I had an epiphany on how Funcom can make more money with the Atlantean Sword

So while I was stuffing my face with seedless grapes (fructose is amazing) I realized that selling Atlantean Sword codes as physical copies via retailers, after creating a flawless version of both the base and epic version of the Atlantean Sword would not only generate increased revenue and add value, but it would benefit/augment/expand/build upon the deal Funcom has with retailers, when it comes to the Atlantean Sword.
(Sorry for the paragraph sized sentence.)

That being said, I am one of those people who have paid 49 euro for an extra copy just to get the Atlantean sword… and yet I won’t mind if the exclusivity of it is opened to others, for a cheaper price, if it means the weapon itself becomes useful on thralls, if not for the player.

But I can only speak for myself. What do you guys think?

  • I like this idea
  • I don’t like this idea
  • I have a better idea. Look below :3
  • They need to fix the game first, then milk the sword!
  • Make the sword free as a variant. (epic quest reward?)

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P.s. There is also the dimension of vanity slots to explore on this topic.

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