I have lost everything and the Purge


Sorry newbie here and only been playing Conan Exiles on Xbox One over the last two weeks, strictly single player and offline. I decided I would not learn anything and figure everything out for myself. The game doesn’t lead you by the hand like most open world games lately and I liked that. I built a sensible house for all my work benches and chests and this easily harboured plenty of iron armour, swords, arrows, and also an excess of around 900 ironstone in the ol’ furnace.

After a while, your eyes can’t help glancing over something called the ‘Purge Meter’. Despite understanding the definition, I ignore it. I’m thinking at level 27, I can handle most of the threats from the central portion of the map and my base was at the end of a peninsula, slightly curved at the end. It was East of the river if you head North from the starting location.

I set little tasks for myself and carry on with those instead. I learned the recipe for climbing boots and gloves, and also travelled East to the jungle learning the Derkata religion.

I was killed more times than I would like to remember, in fact, I have died more times in this game than any other game and I’ve completed the hardest setting of Dead Space 2 without even saving once (excluding the disc change) and I always took a chest and bedroll with me in case I lost what I had every time before a good exploration.

Eventuay the Purge happens and I am miles away mining iron and coal. By the time I return, a band of skeletons have spawned on my roof. I kill them and think, ‘Aha! So that was the Purge?!’ I am happy but then ■■■■■■ me, another message pops up the next night I play. Again, I was attempting to mine coal and iron and at the same time considering relocating my base closer to where the iron and coal can easily be harvested.

When I get back to my base, the wheel of torture that I built the previous night and placed slightly away from my house was attacked and destroyed first it seems.

I grabbed my ironstone (it weighs less than the bars) in my inventory and hauled my way out North to the Sinkhole near the river. Closer to iron and coal.

In the meantime, in the real world, I fall asleep. When I awake, my Avatar probably died numerous times through dehydration and/or starvation. All iron lost.

I love this game, but I don’t want to look into anything in fear of spoilers. At this stage, should I start a fresh with the Purge meter reset and just focus on base defence primarily?Or should I continue with my current Avatar in the hope I can establish a defence line before they attack again?

Many thanks and thank you for your kind attention and patience!

you’re single player and offline, open the settings make yourself admin and disable the purge or extend its duration. The purge meter ‘should’ reset after a purge completes. no need to reset your character just push through it all and build up a base with defense. DO NOT MAKE YOUR BASE ON WATER OR A MOUNTAINTOP, if the purge can’t get to you by land they will spawn inside or on top and it will be a tougher undead purge.


What RainbowSuicides said and consider where you build your base. I’m hesitant to say more as I don’t know what is considered spoilers, but base location on the map has an impact too.

If it were me, I wouldn’t start over and I would double down on my existing avatar, determined to conquer the enemies before me.

Since you are doing single-player, I would highly recommend tweaking the AFK settings so that you don’t die when RealLife™ interferes.

  1. When you are in the game world, press Escape and open the Settings menu.
  2. Click over to the Server Settings tab
  3. Under Survival, adjust the sliders for inactive hunger & thirst

Alternately, you can activate admin mode from the server setting screen and disable Hunger & Thirst entirely, though I doubt you’d want to do that.

Anyway, I’d personally take this as a challenge and perserve. For one thing, the tasks that are difficult at low level (i.e. gathering 900 ironstone) become trivial as you get higher in level and craft better tools. For example, that same amount of iron takes only a minute or two to gather with a high-grade pick, versus hours to relevel your character.

Wow, thank you so much for the quick response!
Aha, last base was pretty much surrounded by water and the mountain top idea, same principle! That makes sense now.

I’m playing on an Xbox one console and it doesn’t look like turning off the Purge exists in the settings… I will play on and let you know how I get on. With regard to spoilers, I didn’t think I’d progresses far enough to learn there was one! :joy: Thanks so much for your help! I will try ploughing on after double checking the settings.

Thanks again.

Okay, definitely no settings on Xbox one that will allow you to alter frequency of Purges, But the Purge level has lowered to zero now. I guess to stabilise with what ai actually have? Thanks again for the good advice, I will update again when I get up and running again! :blush:

I would highly suggest building good defences. On single player not much you have to worry about from anything aside the purge. Keep in mind even 1 building block constitutes a “base” that can get attacked by the purge.

Last survival game I played was ark and that was a LOT harder than this game. Not sure if this is a spoiler, but you should know by now. You can have pets and thralls that can defend your bases. I always make sure I pickup every baby I come across and then set them to guard. I have so many thralls/pets now I leave them everywhere. Don’t care if a few die since they are so easy to get.

Oh and I have 3 bases now, one near the pirate hand, one in the middle of the map, highlands I think its called, and I new one I started building near the snow. Since I only play with my gf on our own server, we leave signs and floor torches to help us find important points on the map easily

Spam little houses 1 x 1 with walls and ceilings near your base ))) Monsters will attack them too and loose their time - they are a bit silly :wink: By the way make sure that destroying one foundation of your main base will not crash the whole wall: I always put another row of foundations outside just to protect those that are holding my walls.

My suggestion Laconia is as already said in the chat: switch off Purge immediately. Go to YouTube and watch Conan Exiles streams. that highlight base building and the like. Learn to build sensible bases. Learn where is best. When you think you are familiar enough, then move to Online and join a PvE server that has Purge off. PvE usually does not have exploiters and base damage is usually switched off. Play in there awhile. If you think you will like Raiding, find a smaller PvP server and join that. Just accept that being a PvP server that Raiding is all it’s about.

Basically, enjoy and have fun and, if you are feeling especially adventurous, read the Conan books. They are really old (written almost a hundred years ago). If you like the Conan environment then you can look forward to an enormous amount of time being spent playing it.

Mate, default options even for solo, are pretty harsh if you do not can not devote your life to spending it online…

For a more casual play, enable admin settings and adjust the game to how you would like it.
More hunger and thirst, or less… more carry cap… exp, resources… all of that…
Or what changed the Game for me. Don’t loose loot on death…
bodies go missing too often…

My base is on top of the n shaped mountain that spans newb river…
I have a small shack at the bottom that encloses my elevator…

2 purges and I’ve had to rebuild the elevator and shack… meh…

My first an only purge was at my base near asgard or what ever…
mobility was the key…

Since early access, we have built purge proof compounds, even on a server that has no purge, just in case they change their minds.

NPCs can not jump, so all you have to be is 10 feet off the ground.

If they cannot walk up to your base, they will spawn in your base. Best advice is to wait and see what the changes to the purge have on your bases.

Out of interest can they climb? So far I have not had a purge where they could climb something. Just in case I built archer parapets to shoot the blighters if they try…lol.

Can’t wait for a purge to occur at my main base…heh

They will use stairs, but I have observed they are more likely to attack the stairs.

I have also observed that their weapons will damage any structure that is hit. I have not seen them climb since my base is built with lots of anti climb defenses.

Been doing this since EA and have never seen one purge get to any up high structures.
They only attack the ground at the base.
Or go over and attack the neighbor’s place.

They will (as intended) spawn in your base if it is inaccessible. My understanding is that it is skeletons and they come up through your floors.

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