I have ONE Character I can't log into!

It is possible to get a character “stuck” in a way that you can log into all of your characters except one.

Please contact Customer Service through an in-game Petition. We’ll do our best to help you as quickly as we can. We should be able to sort you out quickly after receiving your ticket.

How to submit a Petition

In game, if you type /petition in the chat bar or open the help menu, you’ll see a button in the top right of the window that says “Petition”. This is a form you can fill out that will provide a GM with your character name, subscription information and a few other key sets of details that will help us investigate whatever problem you’re seeing.

Wait! I don’t even have a second character to log into!

If you are unable to get into the game on your single character, please contact us through livechat.funcom.com, if it is available, and help.funcom.com if it is not. We’ll do our best to set your character straight as quickly as we can!