I hit the button to open it, and the inventory closes... WHY?!

Okay, this has become EXTREMELY frustrating for me as of late!

The problem is, so many times, and many times more than it should happen, when I press E to open the inventory of a box, or a crafting bench, as soon as it opens it closes! I barely get a peek into the inventory! This happens MULTIPLE TIMES IN A ROW! It really ■■■■■■ me off!

I press the button to open the box, it should STAY OPEN until the point where I close it myself! Not close immediately after I open it!

Dirty or faulty button?

It isn’t that. My keyboard is still pretty much new, the whole thing has microswitches. I checked, it isn’t a hardware issue. It has to be something on the game’s end.


This sounds like you’re experiencing ID10T error or higher latency than you’re used to. :wink:

It’s single player, not idiot problems or latency issues. It’s definitely a bug in the game. I tap the key, and when the box opens the inventory, it immediately closes it. It forces me to have to use the interaction wheel which is grossly inefficient.

Well, actually if it’s a Logitech keyboard I would certainly believe what Tele says above.
I had one of their top mechanical keyboards (Orion G910 spectrum) and it started doing automatic double-taps within the first year, after which I found out their keyboards are VERY prone to that issue.

However, if you’re sure it’s not like that then it could be some of your mods conflicting if you use any.

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I have a Razer keyboard, with the colored LED lights, and came with digital drivers to color the keys to my preferences. Si I can have a red on red fire effect to look like a river of glowing blood under my keys, instead of the usual rainbow colored cycle.

If it’s because my keyboard may be mechanical, that… May be the issue… But I love my keyboard and it’s responsive keys. I get no latency, and so many games on Pc play so much better with it.

I also recently bought the GuliKit KingKong2 Pro controller for Nintendo Switch with Amazon gift credit I got for my birthday, so the controller is a thing of beauty.

It still wouldn’t cause this unless it’s very new and you’re just not used to it yet.
The one I have now has completely linear optical switches (you can’t really feel pressing on the key and sometimes forgetting your finger on it will press keys without you feeling anything), while my old keyboard had tactile switches (the ones that create a tiny bump feeling when you press down a key).
Switching from one to the other made it so I could barely type without accidental presses and felt like I’m “not in control” in games, however my hands adapted in a couple of weeks.

If it is somehow the keyboard being new and you not being used to it, then I’m sure that’ll go away soon, but based on your description it might be something else. It could be some issue in the software of the keyboard or a feature of it, like its repeat key function causing additional input. (some keyboards have “rapid fire” mode where holding the key even for a short period will emulate multiple very quick presses - that could very well be causing it). So maybe poke around the manual or the software a bit to see if you can find anything.

I dunno, I’ve noticed some fairly severe funkery with chests and benches in the last patch. Not like he’s describing but I’ve had to use the long-press and then wait 5 to 8 seconds for it to open sometimes…

Yea, some of the container / bench interfaces do occasionally seem a bit laggy and “ignorant” since the update doesn’t it, that I noticed too.


I know you say it’s not a hardware issue, but did you try physically unplugging the keyboard cord from the computer, waiting for a good ten count and plugging it back in?

I’ve had keyboards do this sort of thing in the past. Input gets stuck in the buffer or something, I don’t know. But that old IT cure-all always seemed to do the trick.

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