I hope you are aware of the 1h weapon spam, that is still possible on testlive, Funcom

Here is a video that demonstrates 1h axe spam:

Conan Exiles 2021.04.13 -

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Adding FlyHacks Video as resource as well:


Ya, they are aware of that one. Though as always, keep up the reports!

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Good :slight_smile: No more filthy animation canceling ;D (though I used it a lot too)


Not entirely sure on the “when”, but ya. One of their lead programmers briefly mentioned they were working on that particular one in a Q/A yesterday (more on that shortly, I’m working on the write up for it as we speak).


wait @multigun did we had a stream? yesterday? i am looking at twitch but the last one posted is the one done before the 2.3 patch.

Yeah, I’m not seeing any stream either, :frowning:

You are like me and many of my pvp riends. We may use something to stay competitive against other vets, but we understand and even like the idea of better combat. By removing the cancel track, it means more variant skill levels and tactics. Committing to certain attack animations should have a risk reward. Canceling removed that for 1h weapons. Now FC can try Nd balance the risk reward of the weapons animations. Ie duration v damage amount vs I-frames vs stamina usage for each one.

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@Bodin @Palm522 not a stream, an event Q&A:

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