Animation Canceling is a feature, not an exploit

As Grubby described:

So bring us back this feature in combination with the old stamina system with a few adjustments:

Increase weapon stamina usage by ~75% (use Age of Sorcery Stamina values as base)
Reduce dodge roll count to 4
Increase stamina penalty for greystam (negative stamina) to 5 seconds (Add a stamina recharge delay of 2 seconds. Negative stamina penalty would be 3 seconds.)

Adjust PvE + PvP around that.


:brazil: feedback Conan Exiles

Tenho certeza que isso, que seu post não está sendo exibido no mesmo jogo da comunidade

Agora sem brincadeiras espero que isso nunca aconteça a FUNCOM deveria parar de fazer ajustes nos controles e focar mais no conteúdo do jogo :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean bring it back?
You can’t cancel animations but wait until it ends now?

Animation cancelling is a bad faith exploit. No amount of C list streamers saying different will change that.

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No. There is literally an extra hotkey for that in the game.

That isn’t what the wield/unwield key is for.

The purpose of animations isn’t just to look cool. It’s also about realism and commenting to your attack. It adds a level of strategy knowing not only when to attack but how attacking makes you vulnerable to counter attack.

Abusing an unintended mechanic is tantamount to cheating.

And the current roll spam is more realistic?

Also go play Life is Feudal if you want grandpa level PvP…

Changing the subject because you know I’m right. Glad we can agree.

You started with “realism” in Video Games.

And no, you are wrong. Animation Canceling is an important mechanic in games, as Grubby said. You probably never mastered it, despite it being very easy.

Also 1 quick Google search:

Also from ChatGPTo:

“Animation canceling is a vital skill in many competitive and action-oriented games. It enhances gameplay by allowing for more rapid and fluid actions, contributing to a player’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. By mastering animation canceling, players can gain a significant edge, improve their performance, and enjoy a deeper level of control over their in-game actions.”

I started with “It’s a bad faith exploit”

Doesn’t matter what a C list Streamer says.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

League of Salt? Really? If animations where meant to be cancelled, they wouldn’t be their in the first place. Undercutting them isn’t a skill. Anyone can do it. Game devs are constantly trying to remove ways to cancel animations. Funcom has tried to do so on several occasions.

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Why does Every PvP junky think that someone who disagrees with them is an RPer? Is it just a half whetted response that’s being passed around?

People doing it doesn’t make it right or less of a bad faith exploit. It’s just PvP junkies desperately looking for an edge. It doesn’t make you a better player, it makes you an exploiter.


Animation canceling is just a by-product of games, and how Game Devs Vision of game is implied.
Some Devs go to great lengths to kill it, others just live with it… some embrace it.

It varies game to game. Average player knows little of it. And it often players looking for an Edge that even use it.

Some games want you to be punished for pressing to many times, or trying use long winded attack.
Some don’t give a damn and let you cancel out.

ESO is a weird example since Devs could never get rid of it. And then decided to embrace it.
But give player no way to know of it outside word of mouth.

I doubt a chunk of SF players use it… There always that one friend who does, and then know one wants to play with there cheating ass. (and its technically not a cheat… cause its there and used by pros) By normal gamers?

Slide Cancel in COD… some people do it, others want it gone. Chunk of Community makes fun of users who spam it as tryhards. XD

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I need to disagree on it being okay because “Pros” use it. People doing it doesn’t enherintly make it okay. People take their shoes and socks off on a plane. Doesn’t mean it’s okay.
That said I can respect everything else you said.

Counter point, Capcom allows it. Cause everyone is on even playing fields at tournament.

Amongst your friends and randoms is another story.

well goodbye then

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If it was “a mechanic” then keep it. But…have it drain have your stamina bar. A mechanic should have a pro AND a con.


I’ll be honest, i get it from a gameplay perspective. GunZ used to have ‘butterflying’ which boiled down to switching between shotgun and melee, shoot + slash + block + repeat, which worked well for that game specifically with all the wall running matrix-esque hooplah. If done right it didn’t even look too ridiculous. -Could- add variety.

On CE though i’d have to say i dislike seeing it, maybe if the animations for it were more fleshed out i’d like seeing it but from what i saw in that video it just looks twitchy and off.

Though, i guess it might look better on some of the other weapons. Might be neat to see with a katana, delivering rapid unsheath attacks.

I agree with @biggcane55, if it is intended there should be a cost.

What made animation canceling worse than just knowing what to do and when to do it were scripts.