I just can’t play this game any more

Every time I get on I feel to get off of it and find something else to do.

Main problem is really unknown in sense I build base that takes 400 k to destroyed.

I knew all player names and there bases.

One day I get destroyed but name unknown haven’t seen for months.

A he dupped bombs
B. He had body vault of dupped bombs.
C he made alt account

Just thinking body vaults and dupping seems it’s waste time to play


Why R you playing on a server that is so toxic? There are so many servers out there. Just take your time and explore different ones. Good luck out there

Because people established on servers over time. Maybe he started there 1-2 years ago and never had problems. I know that a lot of people get too attached to their loot. Once they lose it, they lose interest in the game.

With the recent exploit a lot of bad things happened.


Yes I understand playing on a server for several years. One gets comfortable over time. And all of a sudden some clans take over. Raid after Raid
That is when players should look for a better sever.

Same here can’t play it been a month zero crom coins in my acc on PS and banned with zero reasoning and no answer from zendesk

They should never think to permanently ban someone maybe 3 months max permanently ban people that hack that’s about it. If it’s for exploits that’s on funcom. There shouldn’t be any by now it’s been 4-5 years and building bans for sure should never be permanently that’s the dumbest ever. People pay for this game do they know that? And support them by buying dlcs and what not….

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They also agree to the terms of service when they log into an official server

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I totally agree, a ban should not be permanent unless you have done something really bad or repeat the same offence more than once. However they do not usually tell you what you have done wrong so you could make the same mistake again. If it’s your first ban i think that one is still just temporary for approx. 1 month

Unfortunately as Tuffman points out you accept the ToS when you load a server.

No so sure …

  • You can hit level 60 the second day by playing fews hours a day.
  • Then recipes, obelisks.
  • With the actual rates, it feel like farming in X10.
  • You can collect materials to craft 500 bombs in fews hours, then process this in a stone house for 1 day.
  • Armor, weapons.
  • The 4 day you are ready to raid :slight_smile:

You do not need a real base or thralls …!

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Hmm, good luck. :slight_smile:

That makes game bad, u can grind easily get ok stuff and be margin but out side take so long.

I don’t like getting beat but guy who just logs in build bomb and dupped it 1000 times or body vaults dupped bombs.

4 foundations of wedge 6 walls high is 600 k took me 3 days gather t2 mats.

Then an unknown who hasn’t been on server destroys base.

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