I just got Raided on non Raiding hours and the guy was naked

Yea thanks I just reported it. When players find out about this, its going to break the game. Why spends hours, days and months on getting thralls if you can raid during non raiding hours. Thralls become useless. These players might never get ban so why play on a server where players use exploits to win.

There is a fix on test live for this. But people decided to post public videos everywhere (here, YouTube, Reddit) to showcase how to exploit this crap in some pointless attempt to get Funcoms attention. Which is incredibly selfish and dumb, when considering there already is a fix. Now every exploiter and griefer knows about it and people will have to put up with it until the fix goes live.

Edit: And ya, this is yet more evidence why finding a good private server with admins who are active and care is important to the multiplayer community.


This has been going on since EA launch. If they could fix it they wouldve

Find a good private server to have admins make up for funcoms neglect? laughable. You shouldn’t have to “work around” all these bugs that have been in the game for 18+ months. Hence the server populations


I regret having encouraged the video to be released prior. In the video makers defense though, they claimed that there had been absolutely zero response from the Exploit Hunters, even with video evidence showing how to recreate the glitch. Just a verbal (text?) response may have sated them into not revealing the exploit. I hope Funcom is now answering all of the people claiming to have evidence on how to ‘glitch’ the game mechanics.

I am going to repost what I just posted in another thread about the same issue:

We are aware of the exploit and it was addressed partially on TestLive already. We have been working on addressing the second options you can use to damage buildings outside of raid Times and will deploy a fix to live asap.

This is one of the reasons that we ask players to not share exploits publicly. It won’t help us fix the issue faster and just causes more unnecessary frustration for more players.
It also does not help trying to “pressure” us since exploit fixes are always high priority but as with any other bug it can take time to fix it.

I am not directly involved with exploit hunters’ backend and feedback to received reports but I can tell you that we are actively looking into better ways of reporting and letting you guys know what we have noted down and what is getting addressed.

In any case, it sucks to see that you too, have been at the receiving end of the exploit and for that I am sorry :frowning:


Greetings to you !

The question is rather simple: why not simply disable or remove the trebuchets and the explosives (orbs and jars) of the game, the time that the fix come on the live servers ?

Currently the ravages are significant and dramatic on all servers PVE and PVE-C who are not prepared at all for that except a minority of informed people.

The gene caused for some PVP players is largely minimal compared to the damage on a large majority of other players who find themselves losing everything.

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I want to note on here that the main poster above that is complaining is offline raiding other groups on the server. This is his clan and I do have images and logs that I am willing to provide to prove it. Just let me know and I will gladly send them to you.

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I have not been on alot lately but I been playing along time with the people in the clan I am in, and I have never seen them use a game exploit or hack, there was issues on the server when we go there with a large group that was hacking (speed hacks, and other game exploits) and they have one person come on and off I have noticed that has dropped their clan tag. One reason I gave up on this game too is lack of support and raid hour bs. But will add this am running around scouting i did notice one of your clan members on and my base taking damage which was weird, per my event log. I have screen shots. Also please allow new users to upload screen shots @■■■■■■

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I want to note on here that the main poster above that is complaining is offline raiding other groups on the server. This is his clan and I do have images and logs that I am willing to provide to prove it. Just let me know and I will gladly send them to you.

I have also posted the same on another topic they put up by Arab as both him and ACE are in the same clan. Please let me know if I can help.

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This was this morning as he was abusing the raiding hours and taking out sections of our wall at the spire base.


Just so you know. The_A_Rab_Gunner is a member of Aces clan.

I do have more if you would like for me to provide them.

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Section of the wall to the right blown out along with straight on in from of character. This is a member of Ace’s clan. The other member of their’s that was on during these hours was Jacobis911.

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It would help if him and his members where not abusing it. Please see images below.

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We “pressure” you by leaving the game and uninstalling . :slight_smile: I mean c’mon, you still can’t see your body 9/10 times and have to relog. Enough with the excuses…

Cheaters are gonna cheat if there are no consequences, period.


Honestly, this exploit deserves a major band aid in disabling the use of explosives. It affects PvE and PvE-C servers and those players are not used to building damage outside of purges (and even then purges are wonky). The worst that happens is a short stall on PvP vs. leaving this exploit active and potentially losing players.

I agree, but hopefully they will use the provided proof to do something about it. We will see. What is irritating is I have to read on the forums of them accusing legitimate players while these guys run around abusing it.

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My thoughts on the whole thing is. If they are not gonna hot fix the issue tonight and ban these guys. Then open up the raiding hours to 24/7 so some of us can actually do something about this problem. I know I would like to retaliate during the day instead of logging on to find things wiped out already. I do realize it goes both ways but it would make it a lot more fair imo.

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This is another thing I would change. → raid hours.
I’ve been a student in school.
I’ve been a student at university.
Now I’m an adult and do have a job AND a life outside of Conan Exiles.

I do understand the thought behind having extended raid times on weekends like previously and many private servers still do have them but when I look at reality it should actually be the opposite atleast on weekends. Many people go to school, college, university, work from monday to friday and don`t do that much in the evening hours. They come home and play Conan. But on the weekends - it’s not just me - I go out to meet friends, party, meet my family, do stuff with my partner and all of this.

Conan shouldn’t be a competitor. People normally choose their social life over Conan and that’s a good thing. Most offline raids/wipes I’ve seen actually happened on saturdays and sundays. If you want people to stick to the game you should actually decrease the raid times on weekends and give “non try hard players” a break. Just my observations until now… and trust me, I’m a die hard raider ;). But I’m also able to switch roles.

there shouldn’t even be “non” raiding hours…

You wouldn’t last one f’n HOUR on Ark or Rust LOL

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