More cheaters/exploiters that destroy all buildings at Official PVE-C #1040. We need help now Funcom!

Dear Funcom,

please help us at Offical server #1040 (PVE-C). We got a clan that destroy non-decayed buildings by exploits/bugs using trebuchets at a PVE-C server (where damage to other players buildings is not possible per se)

There must be consequences for those violations.
They threaten us and destroy a) community and b) PVE player buildings

They are active all night and destroy and raid everything we have gathered since month.

Please help until it’s too late.

Server: Official #1040, PVE-C


If you think this is an exploit, please use Found an Exploit? We'll pay you for it! instead.

Please try talking to the clan, otherwise try reporting it to Harassment and Griefing Issues.

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