Out of raid hours raid

in pve time? what type of server? what platform?

read the beginning of the thread man its all there

I did. I think if you read my original reply you will see that it appears you didn’t read it in full or understand.

but now I do understand your reply after re reading your original post.

sorry but that makes about as much sense as a chocolate fireguard. lets keep it on topic ?

ok chocolate fireguard I will spell it out.

on topic:the exploit mentioned in the original post. You know the one about bombs, signing off line and such." with me so far?

it was stated by some on reddit to work in pve and pvp servers. Not just pvp. still with me?

I tested in a pve-c server and it did not seem to work there. Have I lost you?

If the topic is your personal issue and not the exploit in general I apologize for getting off topic.

had a rad day sir.

wheres the block/mute button on here? lol

Damn there isn’t one ……Ignore mode activated

I’ve only seen it happen in pvp server so can’t say anything about a full PVE server.

what? I’ve not withdrawn it, is this some kind of censorship?

You must have by accident as just calm down as I did it one time by accident as well.

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and @Saxon1 see above reply and as a FYI on your own comments, consider the following

Please don’t tell people how to use exploits. This causes more problems and confusion than needed, instead

If you think something is an exploit, report it using Found an Exploit? We'll pay you for it!

If there’s major harassment use Harassment and Griefing Issues

Alternatively, if you have any other issues, they are also pinned on the same Players Helping Players subforum.


“I wont be playing again until this is sorted ,consider it uninstalled” - Whoopass
That will actually be the best improvement that server can get :slight_smile:

Official server 1322 is being cleared by ppl in non raid time windows aswell. Nothing shows up in the logs, they use explosives in combination with something i wont explain (or know in detail). I witnessed it live at 02:00 servertime from saturday 15th to sunday 16th on another clans base - and last night on our own base.

If you let those ppl get away, your product is ruined. Fixing it is one thing, banning the ones who used it is a must if your policies and marketing should be worth anything.

Until you react accordingly: i can only refrain from using your companies products. Using something like this cannot be explained away by the users when it contrasts a major feature of your game - the raid time window, which is self explanatory even if you would use this exploit by mistake - but continue using it.


well, a hotfix was released, was it sped up by people making this bug common knowledge? guess we’ll never know, I suspect it was.

… So lets be logical and see if you get it… Spreading an exploit around that allows people to destroy bases outside of raid set timers… means allowing folks to be griefed on official servers… where building back up is not the fast experience it is lets say on a 10x server. So how does that increase the desire of players to want to play Conan exiles? How does that assist in growing the community? How does that actually help the development team? When they acknowledged they know about it and are working on it?

I have seen this happen so many times on various mp games where the joe public gamer thinks… LET ME FORCE THEM TO RELEASE AN UPDATE REALLY FAST… I know how lets me be a jerk and tell everyone how to cheat…or just maybe not be a douche and help the community and just warn the developer directly via the correct channels.


maybe you should post that on youtube where this kind of exploit is blown wide open with thousands of views.

Saxon its obvious you agree with that mindset… so hence I posted it here.

I agree with you there, I’ve said it before the hotfix and I’m saying it after: sharing exploits does more harm than good.

Though you have to acknowledge that it feels a little odd that the hotfix arrives shortly after the exploit “went viral” even though it was supposedly reported quite a while ago. But as I can neither verify when it was first reported or when work on the fix started, I have no reason to suspect it’s not just a coincidence - albeit a slightly suspicious-feeling one at that.


I’m also pretty sure(never can be 100% ofc) that it was the fact of the exploit being talked about(altho most posts are about the decay problems and were pointing wrongly at the exploit) made them 'hot’fix it.


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