I love the new purges but just waay too many troops

I’m on the fence I mean I love the endless amount of enemies but at the same time it’s a war camp not a city I did a level 5 purge (The camp spawned literally right outside my walls to the point where they could shoot my thralls) eventually they got in through the gates fighting all my delinisas and zerkers finally getting to the keep door by the time that happened there was at least 30+ I was seeking the skull bosses to end it and couldn’t find a single one, it did not end well


Did you get the message that the Hand of War or whatshisname has arrived? You need to survive a certain number of waves before he bothers to show up.

If you got that message, but he’s nowhere to be found in the camp (as far as I understand, he should appear in the enemy base and stay there), then there’s a bug or some other issue.

This is a mechanic that needs knowledge and feedback!
Your key purge is lvl 6 not 5. Lvl 6 has almost the same power than 5 (it comes with prisoners that they die very easy from noxious arrows) and lemurians like lvl 5. These prisoners have commanders. I killed them i didn’t try to capture them.
I say that lvl 6 is key because you have the trader from this lvl and higher. He sells banners with reinforcements and other goodies. I would suggest you to learn the whole purge thing on your single player and do not risk the things you gain with so much effort.
But i agree, the things that you gain in low levels do not worth the effort

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Nope. Got my trader testing level 3 purge - alongside T1 and T4 bearers.


I saw the first trader on lvl 6 :man_shrugging:.
Like i said @tin_egg

So thanks for sharing m8, i really appreciate this info :+1:t6:

Reduce the number of thralls defending your base. That apparently drastically reduces the number of attackers.

I built a new base which I successfully defended against level 8 purges without any defenders at all, just using gas orbs, a bow and a pike.

Defending my main base - which has 40+ thralls inside - even against a level 3 purge, in contrast, is near impossible. The attackers stagger everything to death, and the game is likely to crash.

So… less is more, apparently.

But… Everything I have on my Single-Player is gained with blood, sweat, toil and tears. 1x exp and harvesting multipliers, and nothing admin-spawned. And once I press that Purge button for the first time (after I’ve finished preparing my defenses) I will accept whatever outcome. If I fail to protect my beloved home and my involuntary friends, that’s my responsibility.

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It’s a wonderful choice! Don’t get me wrong, i do testing in single player more because of the performance than anything else.
Yet you can do the same. What i mean is simple, you go to an open valley you don’t have builds already and you build things admin mode just to understand how your defense will work best. If you get the knowledge, you will still loose but now you knew what was coming, it’s on you nobody else.

Yeah it’s not enough they cant damage buildings. Make them come one by one and make them blind :rofl:

Also when you get cornered by a wave you can actually get killed, this is unacceptable :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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