My feedback about the purge

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the level 8 purge is very dangerous.

It’s not a purge, it’s simply a suicide!

the enemies deploying unlimited without break!! and sometimes they spawn on me.

our slaves can’t stand this. They need time to heal!!

I lost close to 20-30 slaves who were lvl20 and all well equipped with heavy armor.

I used 37 lvl20 slaves for the purges. and many died!!.

if the camp appears close to the neighbors the soldiers will kill these slaves.

even the archers could easily hunt the slaves who are at height

sometimes the corpses of my slaves disappear with the equipment.

slaves often separate from the group to fight alone against several enemies and therefore die easily.

the nerf of the slaves is not adapted to the purges…


But you fight with them right?
i mean i tested the purge in Singleplayer. Placed 10x Lv20 Thralls with High End Equip front of my treasure chamber and let them invade me. It was bloody and lot of aloe pots were drunk but 1 Thrall died.

The defense was even not really hard, some foundations with great door and not even placed archers on them.

Make sure to set thrall attack and chase distances to low, and bunch them all close together, I find this really helps prevent casualties. My first purge I lost 12 geared and levelled thralls, but I’ve also beaten level 10 without casualties using worse thralls. I put a sparse perimeter of pallisades (etc) around my base to stop the purge spawning too close too.


Level VIII is the only one where I couldn’t wait for the Hand of War to be called. Either I missed it, or there was some kind of glitch. Just went and killed him. In principle, you can do this all the time, without waiting for a call. As soon as you see him walking there near the entrance to the base, you can run there, wait for a break between waves and kill him. You just need to take him as far as possible so that a new wave does not come.
You can also shoot him from the walls of the fortress with a bow, if the distance allows.

Agree. Even at Threat Level 1 thralls are of minimal help to us. It does not matter how good the gear we put them in is if they are surrounded and stunlocked to death. So many enemies on the screen at one given time I was genuinely worried my ps5 was going to crash. There is also no time for them to heal in between ‘waves’. And this is only further exacerbated by the thrall pot and feeder box being broken.

Here is my list of casualties from a Level 1 purge. All were in high end gear.

Notice even a Lian and a Spinas are among the dead. And this is coming from someone who has been playing since launch, has a 3 storey black ice base and some ~30 followers. I feel for any new player who attempts to do this for the first time solo on an official and only has a T1 sandstone base.

I have done several purges. On average I lose 3-4 lvl1 slaves. I currently have 5 level 20 slaves left I think.

all depends on the type of purge. if the stygian and headhunters attack for 15 minutes they will destroy everything

unfortunately it does not appear at the start of the purge

if only our slaves could heal themselves quickly

Thanks i do this next time but I don’t think they will be invincible .and they are all well grouped very close for all

what Thralls were they ?
If they were T1 Exiles Fighters is OBVIOUS that they died without doing anything !

What I always find hilarious about this kind of threads is that the OP NEVER mentions what Thralls were used.

If I were to make a thread like this, I would say:

I used 20 Cimmerian Berserkers.
All of them were lv.20, with good perks, legendary greatswords, epic heavy hyperborean armors.

THIS gives a clear idea of what I used and how I lost.

If you just say “I lost 37 fighters with heavy armors” you didn’t say anything !

BTW: yeah, give them food and your thralls should heal themselves in combat …

37 dalinsia lvl 20 (almost all dead)
Currently i use only berserker and dalinsia lvl1 only t4

I give them food but they don’t have time to heal

What purge level are you playing in?

I mean . I did a lot of purges high lvl before giving my opinion

And of course some (FUNLAG) at lot of my slaves wanted kill my golem . But they cant xD

But this I cannot know.

Now don’t take me wrong, I appreciate your feedback (more than many others, probably). Because I’m really interested in how difficult these new purges really are.

It’s just I’ve read at least 4 other threads like these and they always lacked those infos (in many cases, Thralls used were crap or bad equipped).

If you lost 37 Dalinsia, all lv.20 and all well equipped, than yes: lv.8 purge is a bit too much.
Maybe that level should be faced with clan mates ?

I would say at least 5 players would be needed for an effective defense(with at lot of slaves). in dead servers it will not be easy to find so many people and some peoples dont want help

It turns out that in this case, as in the old purge, archers can be useful for distracting attackers if they are placed further away from the gate, on platforms.
I tried this structure in eight purges of different levels, and I like it.

Archers fire at the approaching squad, and more than half of the attackers run towards them, under platforms. During the time they crowd there, the defenders manage to kill some of them without much harm to themselves. The result is a good relief for the defenders, and they save a little time for healing.
These same archers kill Stygian archers if their base appears nearby.
In each pair of archers, one shoots gas arrows, the other shoots star-metal, but most likely it is better to opt for gas arrows.

Thanks .interesting. I will try this kind of build. (I have no choice anyway)

And it is useless hiding the treasures inside the house.

personally I have put everything outside and easily accessible.

but if you add at lot of guards nearby. there will be no problem.

(only 1 time) an enemy managed to destroy my treasure worth around 100 coins

When I started with purges, I thought even level 5 is too hard to manage. Now I am doing level 8 or 9 more times a day and it is doable without any loss. I gave up the level 10 just because it takes too long and the reward is not worth it.

It’s only about getting used to the purge mechanics and finding procautions and new ways to handle it without unnecessary loss of thralls.

(what is working for me)

  1. Don’t keep your thralls too far away from each other (default minimum distance between them is not enough). Tell each one of them to follow you and try to crowd them the closest together you can to the centre of the upcoming battle, then tell tem to stop following. In scouting mode they will remain on the place you left them.

  2. Change both their Attack and Chase distance to lowest (5 meters). This will help you prevent them wandering too far from the rest of your thralls and being cornered and staggered to death.

  3. Use more ceiling with archers. Apply the same crowding technique to them as as well and order them to attack in sight of 50 meters (maximum option).

  4. Watch the battle thoroughly and anytime your thrall gets too separated from the rest of them (happens sometimes even with those procautions), tell him to follow and come back, or try to place him in the new spot, far enough from the battle. If he got seriously injured, leave him to heal and count on the other thralls.

  5. Use closed wall barriers with only gate-wide entrance and let enemies come inside. The completely open space for the battle is not ideal in my opinion, because enemies can attack from all sides. Like this they only can approach you from the front and if they crowd enough, they will basically “clog” the entrance, so they will start to approach you only one by one, instead of in overnumbered waves.

20 fighter thralls in full gear and with legendary two handed swords should be enough, plus those 10-15 archer thralls in light gear with agility weapon bonuses and star metal arrows.

Though there are some players who use only 6-8 thralls in open space and they are defeating level 10 purge easily, but with those advices it should be doable even for not that much fight-skilled players. :slight_smile:


thank you all.

when I’m in the game. I will follow the advice that was given and I will let you know if there are any changes

Managed to get 2 more purges actually working.

The issue where the FOB doesnt spawn is directly tied to how many thralls or defenders youve got it appears.

@MENISTHETURK , the main setting for archers is in the tactics menu -‘hold position’, the top icon in the circular tactics menu. Then they will not budge and will not fall down. Attack range - 50 meters.
And the defenders have a chasing distance of no more than 10 meters (their default is 30).