My feedback about the purge

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The Momentum Mace is a better weapon than the two-handed sword. I have 10 warriors with Momentums easily defending the door (with my help, of course).
I don’t know about other maces like the Unintelligible, I haven’t tried them…

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I use Momentum for following thralls, but two handed swords for the defenders.

I agree the Momentum is the best weapon for thralls but I only managed to obtain three pieces so far, so the rest of my defense have to settle with something else with high dmg.

I have several two-handed top swords from the Thrall War mod, insanely expensive, with 88 damage. I tried them on the purge, and they had less effect than Momentum. Simply because a thrall with a two-handed sword often hesitates. This was permissible in the old purge, but not in the new one, where reaction is everything.
And the vanilla legendary ones are even worse.
Maybe it’s worth trying other maces…

That is true!

The greatsword might have longer reach and more AOE damage than the mace, but is significantly slower. Yeah, thralls with the sowrd sometimes just stay and stare at the enemy, who is quicker simply because he decides to attack instead of standing in on guard possition. :smiley:

Meanwhile mace heavy attack combo is almost unstoppable and thralls are usually finishing it without any problems. I have around ten another legendary maces, but have no idea about some crafted ones being better than those? Maybe there are, I did not try any so far.

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The second most powerful mace are Quake and Nortis. But the first is very difficult to get. Therefore, there are 2 more left, which are slightly weaker: The Unintelligible and The Brittle Bastard.
The rest are much weaker.

About the Nortis - I did not get, why this corrupted weapon is usable for thralls, meanwhile Carnage sword is not (they won’t do any damage with it at all).

Yes, I have few from each I guess. Mithra’s justice for example, then there is the Wyrd which sucks, Aja’s bane being good only for PvP purposes maybe, cause there are maces with far higher dmg.

If I remember it correctly Nortis does not require corruption og give it to the user, it simply deals corruption besides damage while carnage weapons require the user to be corrupted, not sure but I think it was that way :slight_smile:

As for purges, I think we need to think out of the box…

  • Purge grow in number of enemies depending on how strong the defense is(possibly amount of thralls)

  • The old method of having a bunch of fighter thralls close together may not always work well

  • Knockout orbs in combination with gas arrows could perhaps be a way of thinning out in the crowd of attackers

  • Fighting them in the open used to be a good way to seperate some of the attackers, but maybe funneling them may be a better strategy.

There are lots of things to consider with the new purge system, I find it interesting that we actually need to consider different options, personally I haven’t tried it yet, but I am looking forward to it, the old purge system was boring and mostly felt quite easy :slight_smile:


Is this clearly established, reported by the developers? Or a guess?

I was thinking exactly the same, tbh. The length and difficulty and approx. number of fighters seemed the same to me when I had 10 defending thralls or 20.

Also @Frillen, I hear the first time about knockout orbs, do they have the same effect as truncheons or blunted arrows? Because they won’t work on certain purge enemies (prisoners), and sometimes there are released those and also the normal fighters, so it could be a real chaos. But who knows, I never tried and the truth is that knocking out enemy who has a lot of HP and armor is way faster than killing him with weapon.

Also, about the prisoners, another feedback:

Could they be dressed somehow in future? If only coarse basic, but at least something. It makes no sense that those thralls are being sent to the battle with weapon, but naked and all wiggly…

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Here we need comparative tests: let someone from the outside count the statistics. Feelings may be wrong.

These are nudists… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
On the one hand, it’s funny, but on the other hand, when the entire site is littered with these naked bodies, 10 Momentums break the bodies with squelching and crunching… a very unpleasant overall impression, like in a slaughterhouse…

I may be wrong, but I think Dennis said it in a AoW stream, maybe someone can clarify it, and if it is the thrall count then it may be a total clan count so that inactive clan thralls placed in other places also count + amount of clan members online during the purge :slight_smile:

Naked purges happening everywhere!

I guess that humiliation is part of the Stygians’ way to get those prisoners to fight. Or maybe, because they know those prisoners are going to die anyway, the guys on laundry duty decided that they didn’t want to try and wash all that blood off their clothes.

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