I’m just a little wtf

So here I was msging someone in private, and both being aussies, we lack respect for offence to swear words…
fork you can’t, is something you only say to a friend… or a flaming drongo,it’s like saying I love you moron, or yer a flaming drongo…

So I got censored for saying sht. But this :poop: was ok…

Not blaming Funcom, they don’t control the forum…
but really, without :poop:we’d all die constipated…

To stir the pot, I bet my next sentance will be accepted…

Satan is my lord and my love for him is unequal. :crazy_face:


I once said, on another forum, that I could write a highly descriptive adult novel without ever blipping their automatic filter’s radar.

It’s not the words you use, it’s the intent behind them. But I’d rather not have a poorly trained AI trying to interpret my weird sense of humor on online forums to determine if it’s okay to let me post.


Every censorship program I have come across has weird stuff censored on it. Some swear words I didn’t know where swear words are always on there…lol

Also so many slang terms I have no clue about since I ain’t an American. But it is funny u can’t say sht, but u can use :poop:

Uh, what now?
I am confused - what happened?

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hehe, we are just making fun of the forum swear word filter. You can’t say a certain word, however there is an emoji for it. So kind of funny is all.

Honestly, the funniest ever saw was the word “cockpit” being censored on a game forum. I get why the word tripped the autocensor but the game was about giant robots and the key part you built your mech around was called the “cockpit” in game.

I think it’s about the relative ineptitude (and therefore hilariousness) of the swear filter in general, and in private messages in particular :slight_smile:

Heh, a classic. Also when you can’t say certain words that are themselves completely innocent, but not allowed because they are the same as common misspellings of “bad words”. I ran into that myself, but I can’t remember if it was here or the Steam forums.

:woman_facepalming: :bulb: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

yip, all good tascha, just guys having fun about :poop:.
Goodnight milady and keep it real…

I’ve seen a forum censor the word pocketwatch into “pocke****ch”…


Not necessarily a forum, but the PS3’s party text chat censors these very innocent words and more;

  • Episode (E***ode)
  • Pisces (***ces)
  • Episodic (E***odic)
  • Piston (***ton)

Now if these had an ss instead of just an s, I’d kind of get it, but as they are, it’s just baffling.

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This forum wont let you use the name of one of the races in the game because there’s a curse word inside it: kush-ite

Also in the game, I tried to name one of my hyenas Larry and it censored me. Said I’m not allowed to use the word “iarry”. Must be from another language because I’ve never heard of that word and couldn’t find anything on Google

I certainly get the underlying sentiment. When trying to tell someone about an enemy missing from RE2 remake, I realsied that we are unable to say ‘cockroach’ on the Playstation network.

Now regarding this little guy right here, :poop: I didnt realise just how much mainstream popularity he had garnered. Just take a look at these tasteful products:

Some fun toys…
s-l400 s-l400-1

How about a tasty snack…

Or something for the ladies…
For me personally, I feel that the title of the thread says it all here.

He’s even in a movie

Those cookies and cupcakes are just wrong.
But not really suprising

I’m just glad to live in a country where 90% of wildlife is out to kill you, that when it came to language we just went “fk it”

Female genitalia
Male genitalia head

So yeah… is ‘grow a pair’ an insult? :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget “Bogan” and “Shiela” … pretty unique expressions to NZ and Australia in my experience

lol we have a ton more slang terms. You could easily fill a small book with meanings. Also each state seems to have their own unique terms.

We seem to shorten every word too, mainly cause said wild life could kill you at any moment, so no time to wast using full words :wink:

Hell even drop bears have developed webbed legs and arms so they can glide in through an open window to have a go at you!

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Lol yes … I was tempted to edit my post a second time to add more that would pass the forum censors (as we know some won’t)

:scream: scary news about those deadly Dropbears … they haven’t migrated into our suburb yet … But this must be why so many houses have bars on their windows now

“Wow, you guys are on like a completely different level of swearing over here!”

Lick me trades entrance… that one can not go unused… added to vernacular… cheers big ears…

Edit: I did grow up believing it was an exit, not an entrance.