Silly Question: Censor?

Not sure if this applies here, and if not, I understand if it is moved or archived, but…
Is there a way to turn off the censors on this forum? I turned eighteen over a decade ago, I plomise.

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And I was 18 a decade before that and I’m still stuck behind the baby filter, too. I already posted about it in the Feedback & Suggestions thread about a month ago about this. Doubt anything is going to change. Funcom is weird about being prudish on the forums when their game is full of naked tiddies and f-bombs. Not to mention Conan: Exiles has full dong physics.

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… I shouldn’t be surprised by all the bullshit nonsense in this world, but that kind of crap still floors me. Alrighty, doomed to see tiny squares. Noted and thank you.

You have to ask ■■■■■ and ■■■■■ to lift the censor a little

Much like the Discord, we want to keep things clean despite most of our games being intended for mature audiences. The mentality here is that if you can’t make a point without using foul language, you probably don’t have a good point.