Absurd filter censorship

Why the hell is the word “Cloud” censored on Conan?! I love this game but jesus seriously? I can’t name my Thrall “Waking Cloud” because for some reason “Cloud” is a banned word… 🤦

I literally created an account just to post this… It is soooooooo dumb, we’re playing an 18+ game with full/partial nudity and dismemberment but… Cloud is much more offensive than those apparently.

Feedback; remove filter.

Sorry for the rant, I don’t expect this post to be liked that well :sweat_smile:.


May interfere with file names.


There probably is a very good explanation for this, but what that explanation really is, that I am totally clueless to.


I appreciate your concern will have to give it a try myself and get back have never had a censorship issue before.

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I think there is a IP that has a character named “Cloud” Final Fantasy maybe?

This is just a guess, but perhaps censoring names could stim from all the people who complained over having the same name as someone else on the same server.

All used names from well known IP’s like “Red Sonja” and “Ragnar” iirc


Just named a follower Amazon Cloud Bringer. Then edited to Cloud :cloud:. I am on a US server what are you on? @Fulcrum1414

To my knowledge there is absolutely no word filters in game. You have to literally mod a server with Pippi and manually enter words as a server admin for that. And it only works for its chat.


Solo/Co-op server (U.S. as well). I think it might be due to it being an NPC’s name in Fallout New Vegas. But at the same time that’s insane that they have NPC’s from other games flagged. It just seems like such a huge pain to do.

Well I couldn’t name my Thrall “Slave” so I think there is.

Check your mod load… waste of everyone’s time to post about an issue that’s from a mod not the game.

Bold of you to assume I can mod the game. I’m on Xbox.

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Then you’re being stopped by the Xbox filter. Maybe leave feedback on their forum

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That doesn’t make any sense though… Xbox doesn’t have a filter, you can type anything in a message. Why would they filter a game they don’t own but not their own messaging system.

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A logical assumption, but if microsoft did have filters on games at that level, I would think that it would only apply to the in game chat. Not a game mechanic like naming NPCs.

Not saying it’s not possible. Just unexpected.


Completely agree.

I have a reasonable suspicion it is applied by the console itself and not the game. I’ve randomly came across this issue being mentioned in another game on multiple platforms. Where the PC version has no censorship, and despite being a direct port, it has a block on an xbox system for certain words and phrases.

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Definitely not a Funcom filter:


Well, thanks everyone for taking the time to post and offer a solution! Much appreciated.

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You’re very welcome

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That was my finding as well:


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