Censorship on Naming is a bit… excessive

Ok… so… I like to name my thralls with cool piratey names, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Can’t name Grapeshot Gail because… omg… “Grape”

Can’t name Shiela the Shipwright because apparently “Sheila” is a bad name in… Australia?

There’s probably even more that I haven’t even noticed yet. Tf? Come on, Funcom… :unamused:

I know this is new because I’m seeing others getting notices to rename. I understand with some, but let’s be a bit less ridiculous with some of these.


I looked it up . But compared to some players names in game and their PSN accounts could be worse. Before I looked into it was thinking hemorrhoids. @ for some reason can’t give likes :crazy_face: @jmk1999

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If I remember right, it’s just the consoles that have that problem because it’s Sony and Microsoft that’s doing it. Not Funcom.

That said, yes, I’ve had my own fun with the ridiculous, ever increasing list of “offensive” words that various companies are lazily using for their filters. The one in ESO is or was particularly bad. You couldn’t even say things like “The pen is mightier than the sword.” because you would get “The ****** mightier…” And that was years ago.

Honestly when you’re that overeager to censor, things start sounding a whole lot dirtier than they are.


That used to be the case, but now it is Funcom adding censorship into every version, and it is indeed overly aggressive.


You can seperate the sensitive words by adding ’ in between.
We do it all the time, otherwise it’s impossible to chat in Chinese cos we got censored every 5 letters.


Really? Well, that’s not good. I probably haven’t noticed because I play single player and don’t usually rename a lot of stuff.

They forced a clan name change on me. The next week Taylor Swift releases a song with the clan name as a title.

Coincidence? I don’t know, but I’m just saying.


As far as I know, it’s not a derogatory term in Australia, just a colloquial synonym for “gal”.
It’s similar to “guy” in my understanding: It’s a name, but it’s also used as a general termin for male persons.
Blocking that name would seem wrong if based on that.

Grapheshot would be a bit weird in vanilla Conan Exiles, as Grapeshit probably was invented several millenia after the (fictional) Hyborian Age. But that’s from a pure lore perspective. Rest is fine. :wink: We should not forbid words because they contain words about things we don’t like. That’s not helping the conversation.


Frankly it makes conversation next to impossible to begin with. :wink:

At any rate, even words you don’t like are perfectly fine in a lot of common contexts. But people are irrationally afraid of offending the perpetually offended. Thus the vocabulary police have decreed that any and all variations of offensive words in all languages shall be censored regardless of context. That includes offensive combinations of letters that just happen to be part of otherwise inoffensive words and phrases.

Which of course makes chat more heavily redacted than a “declassified” NSA document. Or at least it did during my time in ESO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Couldn’t use Queen for a long time, but Girthslayer is just fine. :unamused:

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I just went and renamed her for science.

I name all of my non-named male thralls “Bruce” and all non-named female thralls “Sheila” on Siptah because of an old Monty Python joke.

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It may be that consoles are still ahead of PC in random censorship, but PC is getting it now too.

So, if it hasn’t happened on PC yet (as evidenced by my toda’s experiment), how do you know it’s going to happen? Are there other examples that have already happened on PC?

(Someone recently complained that they couldn’t search for “blood” in the admin panel. I tested, and it still works on PC, at least in the EU version. It’s possible that PC filters vary by region, just like nudity settings.)

I did attempt “Dick Tracy” on one of my own thralls on Steam version of the game and was denied.

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I just named a thrall Sir Reinshardt Mudbutton III
and it was totally fine with that, but don’t dare use the word grape…:roll_eyes: Half my army needed to be renamed. Not sure what that says about me or my sense of humor, but honestly it’s been kind of fun trying to circumvent the sensitivity bots. As long as the names aren’t abusively violent or overly sexual in nature I don’t see an issue with a little bit of off colored fun. In a game where torture and slavery are major mechanics, name censorship is a tough sell.

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Must be a regional issue, then. I just logged in for more science:

I even logged out and back in, to see whether a “server restart” (on Single-Player) affected the name, but it seems it stuck. This is the Steam version, EU region, Nov 6, 2023.

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Yeah, seems to be regional. This is what I get when I try that name:


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To continue our process of elimination: Did you try on Single-Player, or on a public server? Do those react differently for you?

Only tried on official.

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