I made free 500 dragonbone arrows from 1 dragonbone arrow

As some of you might already expected from the title,

yes I used my archer thrall equipped with dragonbone bow+dragonbone arrow to shoot a triggered mob and blocked his area with fences so I collected free infinite arrows from it.

gg Funcom

And enjoy your free arrows :joy:


So the alternative would be to have to give thralls arrows… So every time i log in, I would have to check each archer to make sure they have a stash of arrows.

Sorry, though it is a glitch it’s not bad.

Also what do you mean by a triggered mob?


The fix is simply to remove the ability to pickup arrows. But picking up 500 arrows in itself takes a while.


exploit of mechanics…

oo he should try the sickle!

A sensible alternative would be to apply durability debuff to thrall bows. This is actually fairly exploitable, good catch Babay.

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[quote=“Barnes, post:5, topic:28465”]A sensible alternative would be to apply durability debuff to thrall bows

So I give thrall the easiest bow to repair and dragonbone arrows. I get unlimited good arrows using this trick and just have to repair a weak bow?

That seems like a huge pain. Plus the game would now have to run durability checks on NPC gear, which would impact performance.

Yeah, it would be a bit of a pain, countered instantly by the issuing of another bow. Plus durability of 1,000 or whatever, more than pays for itself in arrows.

For me, it’s always been immersion-breaking to have infinite arrows from thralls, so short of running ammo inventories, I don’t think any other present mechanism could immediately address it. Other people have previously suggested the prohibiting of the retrieval of arrows, which I think is a draconian measure. Don’t have much use for bows myself, but I like the fact that thralls do.

The fix here is just to make it so you can’t pick up arrows fired by NPCs. If that’s even possible…

Just make it so arrows break on impact and slightly reduce the cost to make them. It’s not like you recover many arrows to begin with. You aren’t missing out on much.


The fix is making arrows not consume by thrall. And keeping the stack number the same as you gave your thralls. Bob has a bow and 1 arrow. I loot bob arrow. Bob can’t use his bow. I return Bob arrow. Bob can use his bow. His arrow reminds. An easy fix.

Shot arrows shouldn’t be able to be picked up, easy solution.

yes this sounds very easy solution. But Funcom hasn’t been able to fix this kind of simple bugs for more than a year. code code code that’s what they said.

Big Patch coming soon.

Infinite arrows on thralls isn’t immersion breaking for me. I know not every mechanic in the game is intended or even possible to work as in real life, but I like to think that in real life, my thralls would be smart enough to go to a box and get more arrows when they ran out. BTW, we used to not be able to pick up arrows. Dunno who asked for that to be added. I wouldn’t cry if they took that away again. But, seriously, how many people do what the OP did to farm arrows?


Bows are trash, give the thralls 1 throwing axe instead and they will machinegun anything to death.

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Or… 2 thralls, one with a demon fire orb, one with a gas orb… And try to stay out of their way.

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Haha or tar to keep the flames goiing

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I literally laughed out loud at these comments…what a great and terrible idea at the same time!

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Those arrows are very cheap to make, actually all arrows are. It’s more work to wait for thralls to shoot arrows and collect them than to farm mats and craft… Very low priority on the bug fix list.

Yes the solution here is to make thralls even less viable, so that for the one time in a million where your thralls actually fire at an enemy they can run out of ammo shortly after and return to being completely useless.

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