Recovering arrows

Since it was implemented I highly doubt anyone bothers picking up arrows from the ground, its almost impossible find missing arrows after the combat is over. I for sure wont spend the next minute walking in circles looking for any arrows I missed and have no idea where landed.

To make it really useful we should have a chance to recover some of the arrows we actually hit, place them in the body loot so we can easly pick them up after the combat is over… Because honestly, the way it is implemented you could remove it entirely from the game and nobody would care…


There should be a limit to that though.
Or not, I would become a wealthy slavedriver, with all those dragonbow+dragon bone arrow shooting archers on our walls…

Like 1 arrow per 200 health of the enemy.

i agree, so long as NPC arrows dont count at all it could be abused otherwise. i think if they make all throwing axes, javs and arrows glow a bright blue or yallow so we could see them afterwads would also help